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■ 1 1 * 




"No bubble is so iridescent or floats longer than that blown by a successful teacher" 

— Sir William Osier 

Every generation needs a Socrates. Mr. Ronald Pirrera is ours. For years, Mr. 

Pirerra has been awakening the natural curiosity of young minds and making giant 

impressions in doing so. It is not common to hear students utter as they leave his 

class, "Is there anything Mr. Pirrera doesn't know?". He taught us how to write a 

better essay, how to appreciate the works of Shakespeare, and he helped us when 

we struggled through The Crucible. But perhaps his greatest and most memorable 

lessons were the ones that did not require a text. Never hesitating to make light of 

any situation (i.e. "I'm Puff Grand-daddy"), Mr. Pirrera reminded us of the value of 

laughter. The Class of 2000 is most honored to dedicate our yearbook to the "funny 

old guy" from room 151 — Mr. Ronald Pirrera. Thanks for all the laughs and 


when our junior 
Powder-Puff team 
beat the '99 seniors? Re- 
member the trolley that we 
thought would be a cool and 
interesting way to get to the Prom? 
Remember when Justin Marceline was 
convinced that he was RuPaul at Sophomore 
jNight? And, do you remember when graduation 
>eemed so far away? 

These memories stand out in the minds of all of us. 
They were moments that meant something to 
everyone. As we are now nearing our final 
days here at Randolph High, we are 
preparing for new memories. But 
before we venture out into 
world, let's take one 
more look at, the 
Things to Re- 












To Ihe Class of 2000: 

Congratulations, to you and your families, on your graduation from Randolph High 
School. Graduation Day is called Commencement because it is considered the beginning 
of the next part of your life. It is most appropriate this year as we begin the new century. 
I am confident that your diligence and persistence as a student has given you a solid 
educational foundation to meet the challenges of this ever-changing world. 

On behalf of all the faculty and administration of Randolph High School, I thank you for 
all you have contributed to our community. 

I wish you success in all that choose to do and much happiness in your life. Continue to 
nse to higher levels of expectation and excellence and please use your talents to help 
others. It is with great pnde and respect that 1 congratulate the Class of 2000. 



9 c Wdl/ C R£m£mAe^/. 



(781) 961-6205 









June. 2000 

To the Millennium Class of 2000 


Congratulations 1 You did it You have survived six years at Randolph 
(Junior/Senior) High School, three bell schedules, Channel One programming, 
MCAS tests, picture ID cards, Y2K and more You have successfully balanced 
the pressures of your growing social responsibilities with the rigors of increased 
academic requirements - and you made it 

The ability to deal with change is one of the greatest skills you have developed 
during your years at Randolph High School It is a tool that will serve you well to 
meet the challenges of life in the 21 s ' century 

Best of luck in all your future endeavors, remember your high school years 
fondly; and "Don't forget the sunscreen " 


Robert A. Johnsojv' 
Vice Principal 


70 MEMORIAL PARKWAY RANDOLPH, MA 02.1SS-45W <781)9«,1.6220 

Dear Members of the Class of 2000: 

Congratulations upon attaining yet another goal. Six years ago you filed into the 
auditorium,one by one, filled with anxiety and trepidation, to listen to an array of teachers 
and administrators speak about how difficult secondary school was going to be. This 
month you file, one by one, across the green grass to the stage on Memorial Field to shake 
hands with the Principal and receive your diploma. You have made it. 

The solid educational background that you received at Randolph High School should 
serve you admirably as you enter the next important phase in your life - college and/or 
the working world. Keep moving forward, keep learning, and keep, in your mind and 
heart, the friends that you have made here at Randolph High School. 

In closing. . . congratulations. It was a pleasure getting to know you. May you find 
success and happiness in all "walks" of life. 


John P. Giuggio 
Assistant Principal 




Mr. Arthur Melia 

Dr. Susan Taylor 
Assistant Superintendent 

We apologize to the Schoo 

Committee, but their picture 

turned out to be unusable by the 

Oracle staff. 

?) c Will c Remem&e*. . . 


Barbara Webber 


Robert Visser 
School to Career 

Karen Brodeur 
Humanities Director 

Hui Ning Marsigliano 

Lynette Lemay-Frese 
o ELL/TBE Liason 

Maryan Barbarisi 
Health Services 

Thomas Edwards 

Al Galante 

Math/Sciences Director 


■ i ■ i ■ 




: A - *? 

O ' 

Sandy McFadden 

Othnel Pierre 
ELL/TBE Liason 

John Chuckran 

Gordon O' Connell 

Ken Swanson 
Director of Pupil Services 

Maureen O'Connor 

Loretta Baldwin 

Chris Deady 
Graphic Arts 

Elaine Stadfeld 

Joseph Jean-Pierre 

Patty Kouratas 
ELL/TBE Secretary 

Ted Mashrick 

Donald Nelson 

Michelle Scoza 

Victor Herrera 
Foreign Language 

Lorraine Tower 
^n Language 

Ronald Pirrera 

Jennifer Tantillo 

Paula Klusas-King 
Foreign Language 

Jo Barra 
Guidance Secretary 

Robert Primmer 

Anthony Vellante 

Dean Putnam 
Foreign Language 

Mary Brown-Jones 
Guidance Intern 

Donald Sarney 


Pat Ward 

Ann Skelly 
Foreign Language Director 

|oHn Donovan 

I any I allon 
Guidani e Assl Dire< toi 

( ,iikI,iim e 

Monalissa Ni< hols-l ligh 
( .iiid.iiH c 

I )ave \\ ahlgren 
i iuidaru e 

Cheryl Steward 
\ lealth/Consumer Science 

Diane Murphy 
LMC Aide 

Tom Turner 


Kathy Chase 

Debra Clazer 

Soonun Song 

Annette Dimascio 
Math/Technology Chair 

Kathy Kiley 

Ellen Hahn 

Anita Sung 

Dave Berry 

Maryann Hill-Walker 

Ed Moore 

Lisa Pimentel 

M. Helene Laurent 
^q Nurse 

Maria Woods 

Scott Robson 
Long-term Substitute 

Skip Colosi 
Pupil Services 

Trish O'Meara 
Office Secretary 


Frank Shedlock 
Physical Education 

Arthur Bumpus 

Nicole jalbert 


Ed Todd 

Kathy Rakoski 
Office Secretary 

Maryann Tiberi 
Pupil Services Secretary 

Deborah Carter 

Paul King 

Bill Slattery 
Social Studies Chair 

Virginia Bradbury 
Physical Education 

Mary Campbel 

Sharon Ellis 

Bill O'Brien 

Marc Brockman 
Social Studies 

Phil Carlino 
Physical Education 

Tom Brennan 

Bill Estes 

Kevin O'Brien 

Luke Carroll 
Social Studies 

Phil Kachinsky 
Social Studies 


Richard Sullivan 
Social Studies 

Tom Keet'e 
Special Education 

Linda Rosenfield 
Special Education 

Arthur Hawkins 
5pe< ial I d./Asst. Dire< toi 

Paul Kaplan 
Social Studies 

Richard Cohn 
Special Education 

Bob Pillarella 
Special Education 

Barbara Wagner 
Special Education 

Barbara '» od 

Sp<-( I d./Off. Man. 



i • j?* HEfl I \ 

Sheila Mirow 
Social Studies 

Brendan Riordan 
Special Education 

Jim Wheeler 
Special Education 

loanne Mullen 
ial I 'I ''i-hi.iu 

John Sullivan 
Social Studies 


Cheryl Jacques 
Special Education 

Mona Rosen 
Special Education 

Fred Youngclaus 
Spe< ial Edu< ation 

I is. i c anavan 
ish s «k ial Sludie 


David Cheatham, Marie Steward, Dean Jenkins, Alberta Nalbanian 





Charlie Myers, Chris Crawford, Ed Morrisey, Jimmy Maloney 

Special Thanks to BOB SULLIVAN 
(Sully) for his work in Supplies. 






Jayne Daly, Trish O'Meara, Kathy Rakoski, Gloria Sullivan 



We apologize to the faculty and other staff 

members that are not pictured in the Oracle this 

year. For one reason or another, their pictures were 

not received by the Oracle staff. 


"What is Mrs. Tantillo doing over there?" 

You two, pucker up. 

Say what? 

Mr. Kaplan does his French Revolution rap. 

"Hmmm.. .what's he pointing at?" 



Rose Abido aka "Celine" 

A.R.T 9,10,11,12 
Asian Club 9,10,11 
Student Alliance 11,12 
Student Council 12 
SADD 12 

Favorite Song: "If you ask 
to" — Celine Dion 
"I rest my case." 
Life Goal: To find the 
Fountain of Youth 



Adam Agresti 

Track 9,10 

Life Coal: To get married 
and raise a family 
Thank you to RK, EA, TS, 
SC, and GA for always 
being there. 143 T.S., 
you're the best. Mom, I'm 
grateful for all you have 
done for me. I will cherish 
the memories I had with 
all of you forever. 


Football 9 

Theatre Guild 9,10,11,12 

SADD 11,12 

Amnesty 12 

Tennis 1 1,12 

Favorite Song: 

"Unforgiven too" — 


Life Goal: To become a 

shuttle pilot. 

Renee Arsenault 

Erik Askeland 

Hockey 11,12 
Nice face 

To all my boys, Nick, 
Frase, Dave, Matt, Joe, 
McSweeney, Moore, Egg, 
Monte, Deitz, Andy, 
Walsh, Rogers, Giradi, 
lackiewicz, Kristen & Eric, 
Dan & )en, Drizzed nights 
at )en's, Brewster, the Res, 
Eddy St., July 3rd at Eric's, 
New Year's at Spiro's, 
parties at Blaine's, 58 
Boliver St. Chillin on the 
boat, the bridge, Jones 
Ave. Parties at Meglio's, 
hey, there's Joemike, 


Powder Puff 11,12 

Live for today, forget 

about yesterday, and 

remember there's always 


Life Goal: To be rich and 


1 wish everybody the best 

of luck and hope all of 

your dreams come true. 

Steve Ayers 

Amy Baga 


Chorus 9,10,1 1,12 
Believe in yourself — 
you're the only one who 
truly matters. 
Life Coal: To be happy 
and successful in whatever 
I do. 

Thanks to those who 
never gave up hope and 
believed in me even when 
I didn't, and thanks to 
those who showed me 
what true friendship is — 
and what it isn't. Much 
love and respect 4 SC, TT, 
SM, JM, AW. 143 JM 4 

Janine Baldi 


Track 9,10 

SAARV 11,12 

SADD 9,10,11,12 

Chorus 9,10,11,12 

Student Council 12 

NHS 11.12 

Quote: "Tell me who loves 

and admires you, and I will tell 

you who you are. "- 


Favorite Song: "Count on me"- 

Whitney Houston and Cece 


Life Coal: To live everyday to 

the fullest knowing that one 

person took a single breath 

and smiled one smile with a 

little more ease because of me. 

To my family, thank you for 

always being there and seeing 

past all my flaws. To my angel, 

your compassionate words 

taught me the most valuable 

lessons in life. Thank you CB, 

AW, TM, SM, TU, JB, AC, DC, 

SD, )C for so many memories. 

Shain, my "bestest" friend, I 

am af a loss of words, I love 


Suparna "Sona" Banerjee 


Basketball 10 

Soccer 9,10,12 

Track 10 

Favorite Song: "Turn the 

lights down low" — Bob 

Marley and Lauryn Hill 

"DON'T SLEEP" I'll get 

you when you least expect 


As I achieve heights 

unknown to the earthly 

man's mind, I graciously 

soar over haters, all of 

those who oppose my 

mission because in life I 

will always remain 2 steps 

ahead not behind. 


SAARV 11,12 

SADD 1 1 

RICC 10,11 

Amnesty 11,12 

Chorus 9,10,1 1,12 


Favorite Song: "Amante 

de ti" 

Life Goal: To be happy 

Remember your 

parents, and try to be 

better than them. Try your 

best to be the best. Hi 


Stephanie Barbosa 

Tatiana Beato 

Favorite Song: "Cars" — 
Fear Factory/"Enter 
Sandman" — Metallica 
If it's free, it's for me. 


Chess Club 1 1 

GSA 11,12 

Literary Magazine 12 

Oracle Staff/Photographer 


You cannot trust anyone 

until you learn to trust 


Bad things happen to 

good people Life is not 

always fair. Be true to 

yourself and thankful foi 

what you do have, foi it 

I an bi J taken away 

Ken Berry 

Jessica Bleuzen 



Show Choir 9, 1 0, 1 1 , 

Manager 12 

Concert Choir 9,10,11, 

Manager 1 2 

Marching Band 11,12 

Concert Band 12 

SAARV 1 2 

Favorite Song: 

"Yesterday" ■— Boyz II 


Whats up dawg? 

Life Goal: To own and run 

a successful theatre 

Life is what you make it, 

live it up! 




Favorite Song: "Anxious" - 


Live life to the fullest, it's 

the only one you have. 

High School is not the 

end, it's only a small part 

of life's learning 

experience. Friends will be 

there no matter what. 

David Brenner 

Judel Brice 


Class Treasurer 9,10,1 1,12 

Student Council 


Peer Leader 11,12 

Powder Puff 11,12 

Favorite Song: "Don't 

want to miss a thing" — 


Enjoy life today, yesterday 

is gone, and tomorrow 

may never come. 

Life Goal: To be happy 

To Anica I leave "the 

notebook." To Matt I 

leave "your room." To 

Devon I leave our bet so 

that I will win. To Dat I 

leave the "superman" 


Jillian Brodil 

Erica Brown 


Gymnastics 9,1 1,12 
Soccer 9,12 
Favorite Song: "I Will 
Survive"-Donna Summer 
Don't wish for perfection. 
Wish for the knowledge 
not to make the same 
mistake twice. 
Life Goal: To never lose 
my self-respect and sense 
of humor. 

I would like to thank 
anyone who has doubted 
me or put me down. You 
only made me stronger. 

Mario Bryant 

Varsity Soccer 9,10,1 1,12 
SAARV 11,12 
Student Council: 9,10,VP 
Class VP 12 
Peer Leader 11,12 
Favorite Song: "Someday" 
— Sugar Ray 
Life Goal: To improve the 
quality of life for everyone 
Be careful with split- 
second decisions. Those 
are the ones that will 
change your life forever. 
To everyone and RS, MM, 
DQ, DL, TM, SK, Jl, MP, 
EH, |B. Hey Rav, Look! 
(9th grade Bio). Matt — 
Why are we laughing? Dat 
— Kelly will always live on 
in our memories. )eff-Get 
iced! Seth-BlackjackL.Oh 
yah, and remember the 

Christopher W. Burke 




NHS 10 

Band 12 

jazz Band 12 

Favorite Song: "Under the 

Bridge" — RHCP 

Quote: "No need to hear 

things that they say, life's 

for my own to live my own 

way" — J. Hetfield 

Jenny Cabral 

Ernst Cadet 

James Campbell 


Asian Club 9,10,12 

Amnesty 9 


ART 9 

GSA 10,11 

Favorite Song: "Stay" — 

Lisa Loeb 

I'm not as innocent as I 


Life Goal: To turn my 
dream into a reality 

Quote: "Little taste of the 
good life, whether right or 
wrong, makes us to 
Stay foi .1 while" Dave 
Matthews Band 


GSA 9,10,11,12 

International Club 9,10,1 I 

Peer Leader 11,12 

Powder Puff 11,12 

Jessica: Sept 5, 1998, 

Woodlawn girls, Alanis 

(2/22/99), "my baby girl", 

Stonehill '99 — "that's my 

green acre!" blazin' at the 

bricks, The lab 

(10/15/99), and "hey 

sexy" to my Candy Girl, 

lules, Taish, Rl ( p. NIJ, 
|8 KG, JL, RVY ( ( . Ill 

Christine Chan 

Joanna Chan 



Asian Club 9,10, Publicity 

1 1, Treasurer 12 

NHS 11,12 

Student Council 10, 

Publicity 11, E-Board 12 

SADD 1 1 

Amnesty 11, VP 12 

Computer/Robotics Club 

Treasurer 1 1,12 

SAARV 11,12 


Peer Mediation 9,10,11 

Powder Puff 1 1 

Live as if you will die 

today, dream as if you will 

live forever. 

Life Goal: To marry a rich 

man and juice him for his 


It was cool while it lasted. 

Can't forget my girls, RF, 

JC, TT, MJ, LW, TH, JM, 

just to name a few. Can't 

forget the past, chillin in 

the purple neon with P.S. 

Syndrome. No regrets, 

everything we did and said 

made us stronger. All I 

have to say is: KEEP IT 


Stephen Chaung 


Candace Cheatham 


International Club 9,10,11 

Favorite Song: "I want it 

that way" — Backstreet 


Life Goal: Be a top 



Softball 9,10,1 1,12 

Powder Puff 11,12 

Favorite Song: "Truly, 

Madly, Deeply" — Savage 


Quote: "Friends are 

people who help you be 

more yourself" — Merle 


Life Goal: To be successful 

Never forget any of our 

memories together. MV, 

EM, at Amherst, EH looks 

like a Jamaican. Cheerios, 

hamburgers at Dairy 

Queen, parties, cam 

wagon crew, seven days 

of the week 1 8th. I love 

you guys. 

Fu Hua Chu 

Deann Ciardi 

Favorite Song: "I Don't 
Want to Miss a Thing" — 

Quote: "Never look back 
unless you want" to go that 
way" — Anonymous 
Life Goal: To live happily 
ever after with the man of 
my dreams. 


Swimming 9,10, Captain 

11, 12 

Sudent Council 10, 

Secretary 11,12 

Peer Leader 11,12 

Powder Puff 11,12 

Favorite Song: "Hero" — 

Mariah Carey 

Quote: "It's not who you 

are that holds you back, 

it's who you think you're 

not" — Anonymous 

To Jill-Dwad & Pwrinkle, 

SG's forever, I love you; 

BFF! To Sona-keep singing! 

I love you! To Matt, Ravi, 

Devon, Dat, and Chris, I 

love you all! Good luck to 

everyone in the class of 

2000. You guys are the 


Lindsay Clark 

Annie "Bagel" Coffman 


Chorus 9,11,12 
Show Choir 10,11,12 
Basketball 10,11 
Marching Band 10 
"I can do all things 
through Christ which 
strengtheneth me." — 
Philippians 4:13 
RHS thanks for it all! The 
good times, the bad times, 
they helped me grow. I'll 
always remember RHS. 


Editor of BWB 12 

NHS 10,11,12 

School Committee 11,12 

Band 9,10,11 

Theatre Guild 10,11,12 

Crosscountry 10,11,12 

SAARV-student reporter 


Acapella Choir 12 

Student Council 


Life Goal: To leave my 

footprints on the path I 


Don't blame the fringe 

groups, the Nazis of the 

time. Blame the apathetic, 

those who won't speak 

up, blame yourself if you 

belong to this group. 

Lindell Cooks 

Candice Melissa Cornish 


Chorus 9,10,11 

Powder Puff 11,12 

Life Goal: To open my 

own restaurant and be 

very successful 

Thank you CK, JB, AK, SL, 

JC, JH, RA, LR, RK, DC, 

AA, JC, KG, I love you 

Mom and Dad. Thanks for 


Stephanie Costello 

Amanda DaCamara 

Paulette Daley 


Chorus 9,10,1 1,12 

NY Festival 2nd Place 9 

WA Festival 1st Place 11 

Favorite Song: "Angel of 

Mine" — Monica 

"If you try hard you will 


Life Goal: To become a 


Caite Daly 


Band 9,10,11,12 

Marching Band 9,10, 

I 1,12 

Powder Puff 11,12 

Favorite Song: "Waiting 

for Tonight" —Jennifer 


Life Goal: To become a 

police officer 


Ice Hockey 9,10,11,12 
Concert Band 9,10,1 1,12 
Student Council 1 1 
Debate Club 11,12 
Favorite Song: "The 
Unforgiven" — Metallica 
"Life moves pretty fast 
sometimes. If you don't 
stop to take a look around 
once in a while you might 
miss something." — F. 

Don't be afraid to take 
chances in life. It can be 
worth it. 


Robotics Club 9 

Student Council 10,11, 

President 12 

NHS 10,11, Recycle Chair 


Favorite Song: "Going 

back to Cali" — Notorious 


Ahhh Yeah!!! 

Life Goal: Get rich, retire 

young, and conquer the 


After this is over, we can 

relax and play video 


Saurov (Babi) Das 

Nikki David 


ART 9 

Chorus 9 


Theatre Guild 10 

"To know what is right 

and not do it is the worst 

cowardice." — Confucius 

"Free at last, free at last, 

thank God Almighty, free 

at last!!!" — Martin Luther 


Theresa Drew 

Madiop Diouf 


Football 9,10 
Basketball 9 
Favorite Song: "Whose 
world is it?" — Nas 
Lite is what you make it 
Lite Coal: To make it big 
and keep it real 
Always represent. Don't 
ever forget where you 
come from. 


International Club 10,11 

SAARV 11,12 

SADD 11,12 

African American Club 12 

Favorite Song: "Zion" — 

Lauryn Hill 

Keep your head up. 

Life Coal: To become a 

physical therapist or a 


Janice, Zinnia and Kathia, 

"The freaks come out at 

night." Feven-you know 

you're my girl. 

Jean Dube 

Emmanuela Fabien 


African American Club 


Life Coal: To succeed in 

everything I do. 


African American Club 12 

Favorite Song: "We can't 

be friends" — Deborah 

Cox and RL 

Life is so precious, don't 

waste a moment. 

Life Goal: To become a 

pediatrician and be happy. 

What up to all my 

peoples: Stacey, Dede, 

Laura, Jennifer, Sandy, 

Cookie, and all my other 

P.I.C.s! Love ya! 

Jay Fernandes 

Valdina Fernandes 

Favorite Band: Metallic a 


African American Club 

9, 1 (), I 1 , 1 2 


siep Squad l > 

Some people drink Iroin 

the fountain of life, and 

some |j>-u|jle just rinse and 

spit me, I take it to the 


Mike Flynn 

famyka Forrester 



Asian Club 11,12 

Computer Club 1 2 

Math Team 12 


SADD 12 

Amnesty International 12 

ART 12 

Environmental Club 12 

Favorite Song: "Larger 

Than Life" - Backstreet 


"Learn from yesterday, 

live for today, hope for 

tomorrow. "-Anonymous 

Life Goal: To be successful 

and rich. 

Rianna Frady 

Neha Garg 

Katie Glass 


Swim Team 9,10, Capt.11 
Softball 9,10,12 
Chorus 9,10 
Favorite Song: "Forget 
about Dre"-Dr. Dre feat. 

Don't take life too 
seriously, you're not 
coming out of it alive. 
Life Coal: To be 
comfortable and happy in 
whatever I do in life. 
Thank you RW, )L, SC, JC, 
RB and JC for everything. 
). Baldi don't ever forget 
the trip to N. Y., 
RW;crispy M&M's at 
Matt's school. I miss you 
and love you Daddy! 
Mom, I love you, and 
thanks for believing in me. 
You are my hero. 


SADD 11,12 

Amnesty 11,12 

RIC 10,11 

SAARV 11,12 

"All things are possible 

through Christ who 

strengthens me. "-Phil. 


Life Goal: To become a 


)anice, Emmanuela, Kathia, 

"The freaks come out at 


Tyneshia, Primas para 


Tatiana, Best friends 

forever (P.S. abi). 

Sean, this "chica" will 

never forget you. 

God bless everyone! 

Zinnia Gonzalez 


International Club 10 

African American Club 9 


Class Vice President 9 

Chorus 9, 10, 11 

Live life to the fullest. 

"Carpe Diem." 

To all my friends, thank 

you for being there for me 

through good and bad. 

Grandma, don't worry 

about them chickens. ST, 

stay away from sugar, 

Baby Ruckus rock on, and 

to those I left out, love ya. 

Aaron Greco 

Stacy Guy 


Powder Puff 11,12 
Marching Band 9,10,11, 
Drum Major 12 
Concert Band 9,10,11,12 
Jazz Band Manager 12 
Favorite Song: "I Knew I 
Loved You"-Savage 

Some guys are worth your 
tears. When you find the 
right one, he won't make 
you cry. 


African American Club 10 

Step Squad 10,11 

Favorite Song: "Quiet 

Storm"- Mobb Deep 

Yeah yo! 

Life Coal: To become the 

most famous hairstylist 


I'll miss you Taish and 

Jules. Make me proud. 


Big ups to: ND, JC, TT, JK, 

CC, RF, JL, ET, JM, CP, 

RW, KG. TH+JM=BF 4-eva 

Jennie Harris 

Tiffany Harvard 

T M 

^1 v>a «^^^^^^^^^^H 

' ^ 



. €¥*'* * * i HUH 

ww- 1 


^W '■ ' ■ 

iTmfir — 



Football 10,11,12 

Track 10,11,12 

Baseball 10,11,12 

Favorite Song: "One"- 


"Carpe Diem" 

Life Goal: To become a 

successful artist in the field 

of computer graphics. 



Powder Puff 11,12 

Favorite Song: "I Will 

Remember You"-Sarah 


"You know you got it if it 

makes you feel good." - 

Janis Joplin 

To my girls Jess, Eve, 

Deann, and Jen - you are 

the best and no one could 

ever replace Martha's 

vineyard, the CWC, 

Starland, and our late night 

jam sessions at Eve's. We 

will always be friends no 

matter where we go or 

what happens - I love you 

guys! Remember the 


Alex Hazel 


International/Asian Club 


Favorite Song: "Miss you 


Nothing is impossible. 

Life Goal: To be a 

successful business 



Track 9,10 

Chorus 9,10,1 1,12 

Student Alliance 10,11 

French Club 9,10 

Favorite Song: 


There's nothing impossible 

it done through God. 

Life Goal: To become a 

successtul lawyer. 

To all my true friends, I 

will cherish you all foi life 
You know who you are 

Eleanor Ho 

Vanessa Hogu 



Stephen Hunter Jr. 


Track Indoor/Outdoor 


Cross Country 9,10,12 

School Council 10,11,12 

Student Council 12 

International/Asian Club 


SADD 12 

SAARV 11,12 

Band 10,11,12 

Chorus 9 

Student School Comm. 

Rep. 9 

Favorite Artists: 112 & Dru 


Life is not a game, there is 

no room for strikes. 

"Carpe diem!" 


Powder Puff 1 1 

"Ever After" — Case 

In the end, we will 

remember not the words 

of our enemies, but the 

silence of our friends. 

Jessica Innocent 


School Daycare Center 
Favorite Song: "Enemies 
with me" - 2Pac 
Life Goal: Become 
something good; Be all 
that I can be. 
My final year of High 
School is over. So I could 
remember when I was just 
starting my first year. Now 
its over. The next step is to 
go off to college. 


JV Soccer 9 

Varsity Soccer 10,11,12 

Concert Band 9,10,11,12 

Oracle Staff 12 

Favorite Song: "Jeremy" - 

Pearl Jam 

Quote: "If ignorance is 

bliss, knock the smile off 

my face" - Zack de la 


Life Goal: To become a 

successful sports 

broadcaster and lead a 

happy life. 

Class of 2000: Thanks for 

the memories. Good luck 

in everything you do. 

Blackjack, American Pie, 

Celtics, KS Crew, ML, MP, 

CB, JS, SK, ET, JL, SM, AH, 

JP, AW : Good luck, we 

had a great time! 

Felicia Irish 

Jeff Israel 


Show Choir 9,1 1,12 

Concert Choir 9,10,1 1,12 


Favorite Song: "Wind 

Cheerleading 9,10,12 

Beneath my Wings" - 

Track 9,10 

Bette Midler 

Basketball 10,11 

"The future belongs to 

Field Hockey 10,11 

those that believe in the 

Favorite Song: "We Can't 

beauty of their dreams." - 

Be Friends" - Deborah 

Eleanor Roosevelt 


Life Goal: To be successful 

I Don't Like Chicken... 

in whatever I may do, and 

Only eat the Prime Ribb!!! 

hopefully to become a 

Life Goal: To be a 

remembered musician. 


High School was fun, and I 

Smell - Ya - Lata! 

will never forget any of 

you. Good luck everyone. 

Angela Johns 

Trisha "Cookie" Johnsor 



Chorus 9,10,1 1,12 

Step Squad 10,11 

Favorite Song: "Weak" — 


Keep going and never give 


Life Coal: To be a great 

hairstylist and to work with 


Jasmine Jones 

Jackie Kelly 


Cheerleading 9,10,1 1,12 
Powder Puff 11,12 
Randolph Asian Club 12 
"If you can't fight and you 
can't flee. ..flow." - Robert 

Life Goal: To be happy 
with myself and live life to 
the fullest' without regrets! 
Life is full of surprises, so 
take it one day at a time. 


NHS 10,11,12 

ART 9,10 

SAARV 11,12 

Amnesty 10,11,12 

Math Team 10,11,12 

Varsity Tennis 10,11,12 

Band- Clarinet 9,10,11 

Asian Club 9,10,1 1,12 

Senior Picture. .$25, Class 

Dues ..$20, Powder Puff 

jersey. .$20, Yearbook.. 

$65, Graduating. . . 


Angie Khaw 

Michelle Kim 


Concert Band 9,10,11,12 

Jazz Band 9,10,1 1,12 

Marching Band 9,10 

Concert Choir 9,10,1 1,12 

Oracle Business Manager 


Life Goal: To never stop 

smiling, and to become a 

Gregorian Monk. 

"We are the makers of 

music. We are the 

dreamers of dreams. "- 


Seth Klotz 


A.R.T. 9,10,11,12 

RHTV 9,10,1 1,12 

Tennis Team 9,10,1 1, Captain 


NHS 10,11, President 12 

Senior Video 12 

Oracle Staff 1 2 

Favorite Song: "The Sunscreen 

Song" — Bazlerman 

" Some men see things as they 

are, and ask, Why? I dream 

things that never were, and 

ask, Why not?" - R.F.K. 

Life Goal: To be as successful 

as possible in whatever I 


I look back on my time here at 

KHS with fondness. My 

experience has been nothing 

but good. I have made many 
friends, become invol 

in. in. i lubs and grin, i 
persoii I 

look forward to the fu 
think hai k on thi 


itei best ni iia k in .ill ui 
you in v. i, i may 


Justin Kolikot 


Softball 9,10, 1 1,12 
Track 9,10 
Cheerleading 9 
Powder Puff 11,12 
JP-wasn't that quick! 143. 
KG, CI, Rl, CS, Gline, 
Unos, 143. RA, CI, TS, 
BM, DM, PM, NY 99', 
TOYSRUS,143. DD-100% 
sexual chocolate. BC- 
PRASIEU. SN-143, 112. 
IM-hero. JW, EM, DC- 
Goodluck Mom and Dad- 
Thanks. LUV U. Karen- 
thanks. Luv U big sis. HGK 
)r.- 22- LUV U always- 
Frito Bandito 

Ruth Kourafas 

A.R.T 9,10,1 1,12 

Peer Mediation: 9,10,11,12 
Environmental Club 10 
NHS 10.VP1 1,12 
RHTV 9,10,1 1,12 
Oracle Staff 10, Co-editor 12 
Accreditation Committee 9 
Soccer Highlight Video 10 
Track Highlight Video 9 
Senior Video 12 
Favorite Song: "If I had 
$1,000,000" — BNL 
"Opinions cannot survive if one 
has no chance to fight for 
them. "-Thomas Mann 
Life Goal: To be a five time win- 
ner on Jeopardy and to win an 

"Everything's Fine" and it will 
always stay that way as long as 
you can look back and laugh at 
all the things that didn't work 
out right. Appreciate everything 
that comes your way, and never 
give up. 

David LaCivita 


Community Service 


SADD 12 

African American Club 12 

Favorite Song: "All My 

Life" — KC and Jojo 

"Never just accept 

something handed to you, 

if you doubt or question 


Life Goal: To fulfill my 

dreams as a Pediatrician 

"Emmanuela, )anice and 

Zinnia the freaks come out 

at night!" and "All you 

Dive haters out there raise 

up!" Stacy Guy are you 

working tonight? 


International/Asian Club 


Viva Forever! 

I came from Hong Kong in 

1998. The '98-'99 and '99- 

'00 years have been my 

first two years to study 

here. I'm glad to be one of 

the members of the Class 

of 2000. Some of the 

teachers and students 

have helped me a lot. I'd 

like to take this chance to 

say... Thank you very 


Kathia Nathalie LaFleur 

Wai-Yan (Lillian) Lai 

Track 9 

Peer Mediation 9 
Amnesty International 9, 
10, 11, 12 

International Club 9 
Favorite Song: "Da 
Rockwilder" — Method 
Man and Redman 
"All's fair in love and war." 
Life Goal: To find the pool 
of knowledge and take a 
big swim in it. • 
Goodbye to high school... 
good times and bad. It was 
fun while it lasted. Peace to 
M&M, Jilly Bean, AC aka 
Bagel, TM, RS, CB, DQGQ, 
and even though we had 
bad times, TD touchdown, 
KW and KTW, there were a 
lot more good. 

Devon Lambert 

Laura LaRoche 



African American Club 12 

Favorite Song: "Me against 

the World" — Tupac 

Be the best at whatever 

your goal is. 

Life Coal: Live life to the 


Be yourself, don't kiss 

nobody's behind. 

Ahmed Lawal 

James Lay 


jV Football Cheerleading 9 

JV Basketball Cheerleading 


Varsity Football 

Cheerleading 10,11,12 


•Varsity Basketball/Hockey 

Cheerleading 10,1 1 capt. 

Gymnastics 12 

Powder Puff 11,12 

Concert Band 9,10,11,12 

Janet Lebrocquy 

Julia Lemieux 


Randolph Asian Culture Club 


Computer/Robotics Club 



"The only way you can keep 

me down is to end my 

existence." — Anonymous 

We have reached the end of 

one journey. Now we musl K" 

on and i ontinue our own 
individual journeys Remembei 

ill. u.iller whal I 

your way you musl rem 

strong and oven ome .ill 
adversities. Strength i 
from within No mattei how 
el I 
down, k 1 ' 1 upl ii oui di 
are linked then we will meet 
, i ill then ■ ■ 
and good lui k on youi 

Karen Lemoine 

Jason Leung 


Vera Leung 


Class Secretary 9,10,11,12 
NHS 10,11,12 
Yearbook Layout Editor 12 
Band 9,10,1 1,12 
Dream Team: one of my 
best memories. BP: what 
would I do w/out you? monster chair for 
you. EH: All of your 
dreams came true. 2000 


Basketball Varsity 1 1 

African American Club 


Student Council 12 

Powder Puff 12 (rematch) 

Favorite Song: Case 

If I could I would, but I 

can't so I won't. 

Life Goal: To be the most 

successful person I can be. 

Good Luck to all! And, I'm 

always going to be your 

friend. Much Love to the 

Class of 2000. 


Jazz Band 9,10,1 1,12 

Marching Band 9,10,1 1,12 

Concert Band 9,10,1 1,12 

Soccer 9,10,1 1,12 

Tennis 9,10,11,12 

Track 9,10 

Math Team 9,10,11,12 

National Honor Society 


Favorite Song: "What's 

This Life For?" — Creed 

What sound does a yam 


Life Goal: To become a 


Good Luck Class of 2000. 

KS Crew Jl, JS, MP, ET, JP: 

you guys rock. 


Basketball 9,10,12 

Softball 9,10,11,12 

Powder Puff 11,12 

Chorus 9,10,1 1,12 

What goes around comes 


Life Goal: To succeed, 

then live an easy life! 

Thanks to everybody. ..You 

know who you are, I love 

you guys!!! 

Michael Levine 

Jennifer Lewis 

Jessica Lewis 

Kimberly Lotto 



SADD 11,12 

International Club 10 

Favorite Song: "Zion" — 

Lauryn Hill 

Life Goal: To overcome 

my weaknesses. 

\ ■"■'.'■™ 

t w. 

Robert Lurie 


Indoor & Outdoor Track 

9,10,11,12 capt. 

Randolph International 

Club 9,10,11 Secretary 

Randolph Asian Club 12 


SADD 10,11,12 

Amnesty 10,11 

Somewhere, something 

incredible is waiting to be 


Life Coal: To enjoy each 

day and to find something 

new to always smile 


Suzanne Lynch 

Wesley Mak 


Cheerleading 9,10,1 1,12 
Softball 9,10,11,12 
Powder Puff 11,12 
Student Council 12 
Favorite Song: Lately - 

Quote: "Don't let your life 
pass you by, weep not for 
the memories." - Sarah 

To my girls - Deann, Eve, 
Jess and Erin - don't forget 
all of the memories- 
crusin' in the cam, our 
trips to MV, girls night out! 
Do me a favor - no more 
mopeds! Love you guys! 

Jennifer Malcolm 


Track 9,10 

Randolph International 

Club 9,10,11 

Amnesty International 

10,11, President 12 

Mediation 9,10,11 

Math Team 1 1 


Yearbook Club Editor 12 

um... that's due today 


Life Goal: To not only 

have success, but 

happiness in life. 

Thanks for all the 

memories guys. Memories 

of you have made life 

funnier and more 

interesting. I will carry 

thoughts of you wherever 

I go. 

Teng Wei Mao 

Tracy Lynn Maple 


Student Council 10,11,12 

E-Board 11,12 

Gymnastics V 9,10, capt. 11,12 

Softball V 9,10,1 1,12 

Cheerleading JV capt. 9, V 


Powder Puff 11,12 capt. 

Yearbook Sports Editor 12 

Yearbook Photographer 1 2 

SADD 10,11,12 

leaders 11,12 
Diving V 1 1 
favorite Song: "I Will 
Remember You." — Sarah 
Quote I 'ni, those who will 

risk going too far i an possibly 
Hud out how far one can go," 

Six years, tons ol memories, 

friendships formed, fun 

us, & now 

b ,i- Mom Gary & 

family i love you with ali my 

In ,nl I li.iiik You lot 

rHiNC ro 

Always remembi-i St-mor 



Christopher Martin 




A.R.T. 9,10,11,12 
Environmental Club 11,12 
Literary Magazine 12 
"Great Spirits often meet 
violent opposition with 
mediocre minds." — 
Albert Einstein 
A tiny spark of hope in a 
world of darkness is worth 
more than any gem. 


Track 9 

African American Club 


SAARV 1 1 

Chorus 9,11 

Favorite Song: "You don't 

know what you've got 'till 

it's gone" — Janet Jackson 

Life Coal: To become 

successful and rich 

Try to forgive and forget 

because no matter what, 

what goes around comes 

around. Vengeance is the 

Lord's and not yours. 

Charlene McAdams 

Janine "Shorty" McCall 


Football 9, 10 

Baseball 10,11,12 Captain 

Favorite Song: "Black" — 

Pearl Jam, "I am the Lizard 

King, I can do anything." 

— Jim Morrison 

Life Coal: To be happy, 

wealthy, and to earn 

everything through hard 


Senior year had to be the 

best year for me — the 

parties, the girls, no 

homework, and the 

teachers were great! 

Senior year was fun — I 

can't wait for college. 


Winter Track 12 

Spring Track 12 

African American Club 10 

SAARV 1 1 

Favorite Song: "Back that 

thing up" — Juvenile 

Life Goal: To become a 

lawyer and be successful 

in life 

I would like to thank my 

parents, family, friends, 

and a special friend, 

Deirdre, for her support. 

Russ McCormick 

Danika McNeil 

Eve N. Meglio 


Soccer 9,10,1 1,12 Captain 
Basketball 9,10 
Softball 9,10,11,12 

Powder Puff 11,12 
Peer Leader 11,12 
NHS 10,11 
Student Council 9 
Favorite Song: "Always" 
— Atlantic Star 
Class of 2000 Powder Puff 
Rules! 2-0 Baby! Class of 
2000, it's been a great 6 
years, and I'll never forget 
you guys. JW, EH, JM, DC, 
I couldn't have asked for 
better friends. I'll treasure 
all of our memories. Mom 
and Lindsey, thanks for 
putting up with me. Rob, I 
love you! #1 3 Forever! 


Soccer 9, 10, 11 

Baseball 9,10,11,12 

Hockey 12 

Favorite Song: 

"Mudshovel" — Staind 

Life Goal: To be successful 

in life 

To the class of 2000, I 

wish everybody the best 

of luck. 

Joseph Messia 



Winter/Spring Track 

9,10,11,12 Captain 

Crosscountry 10,11,12 


Life Coal: To finish college 

and succeed in life 

Life Coal: To make that 


Favorite Song: "Thank 

God 1 found 

you" — Mariah Carey 

David Monteiro 

Dazary Monteiro 

Jason Moody 


Track 9,10, Captain 11,12 

SADD 10,11 VP, 12 President 

Environmental Club 10,1 1,12 

ART 10 

SAARV 1 1 

Powder Puff 11,12 

RICC 10,11 

Peer Leader 1 2 

NHS 11,12 

Favorite Song: "What do I do 

with the love?" — Dru Hill 

Life Coal: To become a nurse 

practitioner and have a long, 

happy, and healthy life 

Zinnia, Emmanuela, and 

Kathia, "The freaks come out 

at night." "Will I get fat?" 

"Perfect Girls" forever, Dip, 

friends forever. Companeros 

por todo la vida. I'll always 

remember you Cheri. Don't 

listen to them munchkin. Best 

of luck class of 2000. 


Janice Moreira 

Favorite Song: "N 2 

Gether Now" — Limp 


That's not Kosher 

Life Goal: To move lo 

Ireland and open up a 

KFC/Taco Bell 

For all the people I chilled 

with and all the girls thai 

loved UK-, I'll catch you on 

the flfptide Co Irish!!! 

Billy Morrell 


Jazz Band 9,10,1 1,12 

Class President 9,10,11 

SEMASC President 12 

Student Council 

9,10,11,12 Officer 

Peer Leader 1 1,12 

SAARV 10,11,12 

Life Goal: To become 

important enough to have 

a limo driver 

Those last 18 years went 

by too fast. Never forget 

the bros: RS, DL, DQ, CB, 


love you and I'm always 

here. I < ould always turn 

to BAGEL. Thanks )l( and 

family. Thanks Mr. W & P. 


BDD, US, AB, OP, ( I, Bl, 

II, SS, )G, Ml, Bf, IK Bl 

JK, love + Thanks to my 


Matt Morrell 


Sean Murphy 

SADD 10,11,12 
SAARV 10,11,12 
B.ind 9,10,1 1,12 
RICC 11,12 
Amnesty 11,12 
Do what you want to do. 
Life Goal: To be a 
computer engineer 
We have finally made it 
out of this school, but 
we'll never forget it. I wish 
you all the best — DL, 
TM, SB, )B, JL, AP, TU & 
ZG (The Primos) and last 
but not least mi 


Baseball 9,10,1 1,12 

Football 10 

Douglas Newcomb 


Varsity Soccer 9,10,1 1,12 

Basketball 9,10,11 

All Set 

Abracadabra "B" 

Peter Niedzwicki 

Kevin O'Connor 

Ezinne Okereke 

Soccer 1 1 
Tennis 12 

Favorite Song: "When You 
Believe" — Whitney 
Houston & Mariah Carey 
"You have achieved 
success if you have lived 
well, laughed often & 
loved much. "-Stanley 
Life Goal: To be a 
successful lawyer 
"We are hard pressed on 
every side, but not 
crushed, perplexed, but 
not in despair, persecuted, 
but not abandoned, struck 
down, but not 
destroyed." — 2 Cor 4:8:9 


African American Club 


My experience at RHS will 

always be remembered. 

Mom and Dad, thank you 

for having faith in me. 

Ilyitch, Olivia, Charline M., 

Yolanda H., Ms. Sung, Ms. 

Tower, Ms. Baldwin, Mr. 

Nelson, Mr, Sarney, and 

Mrs. Harding, thank you 

for making me look at life 

through different 

perspectives. May God 


Sandy Olivier 


Aman Patel 


A.R.T. 9,10,11,12 

RHTV 10,11,12 

j^^m IfV^ 



Environmental Club 



NHS 11,12 

9,10,11, Treasurer 12 

Environmental Club 

Tomorrow's Teachers Club 


11, President 12 

SADD 10,11,12 

SADD 9,10,1 1,12 

International Club/ Asian 

Theatre Guild 9,10,11,12 

Club 11,12 

Track 9,10 

^B fc 

Amnesty 1 1,12 

Soccer Manager 


Project Teamwork 9 

Oracle Staff 11,12 


V. Patel 




NHS 10,11,12 

SADD 9,10,11,12 

BWB 10,11, Copy Editor 


Band 9,10/ Chorus 11,12 

Yearbook Copy Editor 12 

"Work, Money, Ambition- 

these are things that we 

strive for, but we never 

look back and say is this 

what we really 

want?" — Morrie 

Life Coal: To live life day 

by day 

Aparna Pau 

Allyson Pelley 


Soccer 10,11,12 

Golf 11,12 

lazz Band 10,11,12 

Band 9,10,11,12 

Tennis 10 

Track 9,10 

NHS 10,11,12 

Math Team 11,12 

Favorite Song: "Take the 

Power Back" — Rage 

Against the Mat I him 

"Time is the greatest 

ii-,« her. Unfortunately it 

kills all of its 

pupil-/ Ht-( tot Belioz 

I iti- Goal: To somehow 

make .i different e 

Matthew Peterson 

)orge Pimentel 





International/Asian Club 
9,10, Treasurer 1 1, 
President 1 2 
Blue and White Banner 
9,10,11, Layout Editor 12 
Swim Team 9, 1 0, 1 1 , co- 
Captain 12 

Math Team 9,10,1 1,12 
National Honor Society 


Amnesty International 9,10 
Teacher Aide 9,10,11 
Library Aide 9 
Favorite Song: "I Wanna 
Love You Forever" 
Believe me. ..What goes 
around comes around 
Life Goal: To retire at the 
age of 40. 

Bonnie Poon 

Keith Powell Jr. 

Jonathan Eric Prag 


Theatre Guild 9,10,11,12 

International/Asian Club 


National Honor Society 


National junior Honor 

Society 9 

Alternative Sports League 


Peer Mediation 9,10,11,12 

Debate Club 9,10,1 1,12 

Math Team 11,12 

Favorite Song: 


"I'm not even supposed to 

be here today. "-Dante in 


Life Goal: To own a comic 

book and wrestling 

memorabilia store. 

Laut Pac, cuatro vide! KS 

Crew! Go Alternative 

Sports League! It has 

been. ..a ride. 

John Pugsley 

Dat Quach 

Track 9,10,11 
Football 9,10,11,12 
Student Council 10,11,12 
Class Vice President 10,11 
Class President 12 
Track and Field 9,10, 

Favorite Song: "Semi- 
Charmed Life" -Third Eye 

Do the Devil! 
Life Goal: To be 
Superman. ..shhh. 
It has been a trip; 
This class is truly hip; 
We started at the bottom; 
Rose to the top; 
I thank my mom; 
Who never stopped; 
Peace to all my friends 
that I've made for life. 


Football 9 

Baseball 9,10,11,12 

Winter Track 10,11,12 

Favorite Song: "Wherever 

I May Roam" — Metallica 

"The most powerfull 

weapon in society today is 



Life Goal: Fighter Pilot in 

the US Air Force 

The people in this school 

should forget how 

"COOL" they are, and 

should concentrate on 

how good of a person 

they REALLY are. 

Nicholas John Reuter 


Favorite Song: If you had 
my love — J. Lopez 
Life Coal: To be a 
business woman just like 
my mom. 

Thanks mom and dad for 
all the great things you've 
done for me. Also to my 
special friends SC, ND, 
AK, JR Love ya 4-eva. 


Concert Band 9,10,11,12 

Concert Choir 9,10,1 1,12 

Show Choir 9,10,1 1,12 

lazz Band 9,10,12 

Marching Band 9,10 

Life is what you make of it 

Life Coal: To be the next 

great opera singer 

To all my friends...! love 

you all. I will remember 

each and every one of 

you. Don't worry, you are 

not allowed to forget me. 

Lizbeth Reyes 

Ramone Robinson 

Alyson Rubenstein 

Favorite Song: "Nothing 
else matters" — Metallica 
Life Goal: I want to 
become a History teacher 
and possibly a college 

Randolph High School has 
been an experience since 
1995 when we all first 
arrived. It was our second 
home for the past six 
years. Now that we are all 
leaving the nest good luck 
to all. I would like to thank 
all those who have 
supported me over the 
years. I love you all. Mom, 
Uncle Jay, Brittney, 
Grandma, Uncle Mike, 
and Brian all your advice, 
guidance and 
encouragement has been 
greatly appreciated. Thank 
You again. I love you all. 

Crystal Ryans 


Soccer 10,11,12 

Favorite Song: "Break 

Stuff" — Limp Bizkit 

Long live the Cone. 

I ife Goal: To finish school 

and get a job. 

No matter what don'l slop 

trying because in the end 

I I., oi 2000 forever! 


Coif 9,10,11, capt.12 

Either love the country or 

leave it, 
Life Goal: I want to i 

Airborne Ranger. 

II you s,i\ you love the 

country and you do not 

stand for the national 

anthem or the pledge ol 

allegiani e than \ ou are 

spitting on all ol the 

: ii i ipli \, hi i ■■:■'■■■ i ■ theii 
lives to preserve the 

I OUntl | So lake tWO 

minutes and stand ~u»l 

show sonic if pe< I 

Matthew Salemme 

lason Sellan 



Football 9,1 1,12 

Hockey 9,10,11,12 

Favorite Song: "Dr. 

Greenthumb" — Cypress 


I want a Wendy's spicy 

chicken sandwich! 

I love Mary )!!!!! 


mKSw77 ™*w&t 

" %w*^ <*•»*» 1 






Dan Serrano 

Jonathan Shaponick 

Matthew Shea 


International Club 1 1 

Asian Club 12 

Favorite Song: "The late 

night" — 2Pac 

RHS Forever 

Life Goal: I would like to 

be a doctor. 

SADD 12 

Favorite Song: Sitting up in 
my Room — Brandy 
Be a winner and never give 

Life Goal: Succeed in eve- 
rything that I wish to ac- 

The key to go communica- 
tion is brevity. 

Ahmad Sheikhard 

Shyllon 'Dee Dee' Ramatulah 

Joseph Evan Simon 



Soccer 9,10,1 1,12 capt. 

Track 9,10,1 1,12 

Favorite Songs: 

"Dumpweed" & "What's 

My Age Again" — Blink 


Pain is Temporary, Pride is 


Lite Goal: To become a 

sports broadcaster and be 

very successful. 

High School is finally over. 

Good Luck to everyone in 

the future. 

Jonathan Singer 


Band 9,10,11,12 

Student Council 11.12 

Amnesty International 10,11 

Peer Leadership 10,11,12 

School Tutor 10,11,12 

Oracle Staff co-Editor in Chief 


Favorite Song: "Let's Get It 

On"-Marvin Gaye 

Quote: 'The problem with the 

rat race is that even if you win, 

you are still a rat' — Lily Tomlin 

Life Goal: To walk the world 

like Cain in the Kung Fu! 

"Silence lgnorami!"DN To all 

my friends — thanks for 

everything. To Dat, Dev and 

Matt I bestow infinite wisdom, 

a town house and 

"lemonade." Limp Beeeezket! 

To Vera and Erin — two big 

chairs, to Mr.Pirrera, I leave 

some phillies in the 

stable. ..Malcolm.. .shut 

up!!!. ..oops, I burped 

again. ..Rafoils... out... 

Ravi Singh 

Danielle Slapak 


Track 10,11 

Cross Country 11,12 

Jazz Band 9 

Show Choir 11,12 dance 


A.R.T. 9,10,11,12 

Theater Guild 10,12 

Environmental Club 


Powder Puff 11,12 

RHTV 11,12 

NHS 11,12 secretary 

Favorite Song: "Iris" — 

Goo Goo Dolls 

Want some snacks? 

Cost of a "lost" ID card: 

$4 + oneO.D. 

Cost of one prom ticket: 


Cost of 2000 Yearbook: 


Senior Year: Priceless 


Hockey 9,10,11,12 

Band 9,10,11,12 

Favorite Song: Sour — 

Limp Bizkit 

"If all else fails, all you got 

to do is have a little faith." 

— Fred Durst 

Life Goal: To live long and 

be successful. 

To all the seniors; this has 

been the most exciting 

year ever and best of luck 

to all. Good Luck to: BM, 

DN, MS, MS, AH, AG, JB, 

RM, MF, DZ, DC, & AW. 

Christopher Sproules 

Matt Stanton 

Basketball 9 
Football 9,10 
Student Council 9 
Favorite Song: "Lost Boyz" 
Life Goal: To grow up and 
be able to say that I did 
the best I could. 
To all my boys ES, JIM 
representing no doubt 
Joey L, P, Schloshy, PC 4 
life. Still counting. All the 
ST's remembei Mitsubishi, 
(_, keep the radio rolling. 
' base and rollin' in 
tin- Mirage. Strazz we 
finally out! To .ill the rest, 
thanks foi tin- menu 
Mom, I >, id. Grandpa, 
Grandma, love von thi 

thanks foi 

Shaina Stone 


Carey S. Strazulla 

Gymnastics 9,10 
Softball 9,10 
Powder Puff 11,12 
Favorite Song: "Open 
To MS, EM, )W, EH, JM 
and DC, the past 6 years 
have been fun. Class of 
2000 rules. To CD, EK, 
AC, I love guys, but 
Juniors R.I. P. We are 2 
time champions. ES, CS, 
LS, MS, saints 4eva. 


Winter Track 9,10,1 1,12 
Math Team 10,11,12 
Tennis Team 10,1 1,12 
Asian Club 9,10,1 1,12 
Student Council 9 
Alternative Sports Club 10 
Computer Club 1 1 
SADD 11,12 
Chorus 9,10,1 1,12 
Theatre Guild 11,12 
"When will I see the 
KS Crew. When I stand 
here at the edge of the 
world, what can I do but 
fall in? 


SADD 12 



African American Club 1 1 

Favorite Song: "Only God 

can Judge Me"-2pac 

Life Goes On 

Life Goal: To work in 

aviation science. 

Keep it real! Fabie and 

Kathia, I love you guys. 

Jun Al Tan 

Y- J 

Edward Tang 

Feven Teshome 


Peer Mediation 9,10,11,12 


African American Club 9,10 

Spanish Club 9 

Life Coal: Get my degree, 

become a successful Child 

Psychologist and live happpily 

ever after. 

lanine and Tamyka, 1 cannot 

thank you enough for being 

my supporters. I know we'll 

stay close. To SM for always 

making me laugh, best wishes. 

Ms. KH thanks for the 5th 

period talks. Y Prima teamo 

mas que la vida. Yo se que me 

amas porque puedo verlo en 

tus ojos. Mil gracias por todo. 

And everyone else good luck! 


Cross Country 11,12 

Track 11,12 

Basketball 12 

TaeKwon Do 9,10,1 1,12 

Favorite Artists: Ja Rule, 

DMX, 112 

Favorite Song: "You Are 


Milk's not the only thing 

that does a body good. 

a.k.a. PREW, Wholla, Prew 

Johnson (Dee Singh), 

Bailer, Masta Wholla (SST), 

Pheel Wyler) 

Tyneshia Underwood 

Phill Waller 


Jessica Warren 


Softball 9,10,11,12 


Basketball 9,10 

Soccer 9 

Powder Puff 11,12 Captain 

Peer Leader 12 

Favorite Song: "Angel" — 


Friendship doubles the joy 

and divides the sorrow. 

To my closest friends Eve, 

Erin, Jen, Deann and 

Carey, never forget all of 

our good times. M.V., 

Relievio, "trampoline 

talks", and the CWC. 

Class of 2000 Powder Puff 

2-0! RHS Softball is the 

best! Good luck next year, 

I love you guys. Thanks for 

everything Mom & Dad! 

Renee Warren 

Amanda Watts 

Student Council 
Powder Puff 11,12 
"There is only one 
happiness in life - to love 
and be loved." — George 

To all my friends & to 
everyone in the Class of 
2000: Thanks for making 
this experience one I will 
never forget. You have all 
changed me in some way 
and you have all made me 
a better person. I will 
never forget all the great 
times we have had, and I'll 
never forget any of you. I 
love you all and good luck! 


Chorus 9 

A.R.T. 9 

Tutoring 1 1,12 


Powder Puff 1 1 

Favorite Song: "I Love 

Your Smile" — Shanice 

If someone hurts you 

once, it's their fault, if 

someone hurts you twice 

it's your fault. 

Nina Willette 

Albert Yee 

David Zack 



Matt was an 

exchange student 

from Germany last 

year. He was on the 

Tennis Team, Math 

Team, RHTV and 

he was inducted as 

an honorary 

inductee into the 

National Honor 

Society. He had a 

great time at RHS, 

and he wishes us all 

the best. Best of 

luck to him! 

Favorite Song: "Time after 


SHUHL. Yade, Yade 

Life Goal: To be a successful 


We finally did it Class of the 

Millenium! Thanx to Mom, 

Dad, Kris, Darek, love ya! 143 

DK-thanx for everything. SL, 

MB-thanx for being great 

friends. Sorry JH. Good look 

to CS, Liz, TH, SC, CG, )L, 

yade, yade. ..After all good 

girlz go to heaven and bad 

girlz go everywhere! 

Matt Kohlhaus 

Anna Klim 


Louise Alessi 

Bailey Andrew 

Jonathan Barkley 

Sahadia Bleus 

Camille Burke 

David Chaves 

Feng Chen 

Danielle Diecidue 

Erin DiSilvestro 

Ryan Drury 

Susan Ferretti 

Antonia Garcia 

Michael Hoffman 

Briton Keel 

Christopher Keene 

Frankie Kwok 

Cornelson Laut 

Adrien Lochard, Jr. 

Austin Maxwell, Jr. 

Bandele Modibo 

• Stanley Moreau 

Albertino Pina 

Patrick Powell 

Kimberly Rojas 

Melissa Ryan 

Marybeth Stapleton 

Ernst Toussaint, Jr. 

Hung Tran 

Dawn Tyrrell 



Most Likely to Take Over 
the World 

Loud Mouths 

Most Ambitious 

Zinnia Gonzalez & Frank D'Andrea 

Most Opinionated 

Jon Prag & Vanessa Hogu 

Busy People 

RHS Fanatics 

Most Involved 

Tracy Maple & Matt Morrell 

Most Spirited 

l )at Quach & |en Malcolm 


\ \ 

Everything's Fine../' — DL 

Most Optimistic 

Bandele Modibo & Rose Abido 

Wont you be my T 


Devon Lambert & 
Annie Coffman 

Barnum & Bailey 

Class Clowns 

Aaron Greco & Jen Lewis 

Mr. & Mrs. Personality 

Best Personality 

Ravi Singh & Jess Warren 


Models of the Year 

The Jocks 

Most Athletic 

Eve Meglio & Dat Quach 

Best Dressed 

Carey Strazzulla & Teng Mao 

The Apple of My Eye 

Best Eyes 

Jess Warren & Chris Burke 

Say Cheese! 

Best Smile 

Deann Ciardi & Seth Klotz 


Asian Club 

L. Boeur, C. Chen, S. Chin, T. Hui, K. Le, R. Mak, B. Nguyen, A. Tarn, M. 
Tse, S. Au, P. Cheung, C. Cheung, G. Cruz, T. Goon, K. Ho, B. Lee, ). Lee, 

E. Leung, |. Liang, C. Loo, C. Mateo, A. Paul, S. Tan, M. Tang, J. Tran, A. 
Chaneco, K. Chu, T. Desai, D. Ha, D. Jar, F. Lam, P. Le, D. Ng, P. Nguyen, 

P. Pang, A. Tarn, T. Tom, A. Tong, I. Wong, ). Wong, K. Wong, K. Wong, 

C. Wong, K. Wong, Y. Zhen, C. Chan, F. Chen, S. Cheung, N. Garg, A. 

Kwok, F. Kwok, L. Lai, F. Leung, V. Leung, W. Mak, A. Patel, A. Paul, B. 
Poon, J. Prag, K. Shahzad, A. Sheilshard, ). Tan, E. Tang. 

The Asian Culture Club shares 
Asian heritage with all students 

in the High School. Anyone 

that is interested to learn more 

about Asian culture is 

welcome to join. Currently, 

there are about 60 members. 

The officers are President 

Bonnie Poon, V.P. Wesley 

Mak, Secretary Katie Wong, 

Treasurer Stephen Chaung, 

and Publicity Stephen Hunter 

and Andrew Tong. The 

advisors are Mrs. Song and 

Mrs. Sung. 

American Club 

|. Abelard, S. Bleus, L. Dasse, E. Fabien, E. Francois, N. Joseph, K. Lafleur, 5 

Lamothe, H. Laurent, B. Lucas, D. McCall, R. McCall, S. Medor, S. Michel, S 

Moreau, M. Morne, K. Noel, N. Okereke, W. Paul, L. Peters, R. Pteau, S. 

Preaseter, K. Province, J. Pyram, S. Saint-Louis, B. Sheriff, S. Shoot, T. Sylvestr 

M. Tanga, T. Toussaint, V. Valery, S. Williams, G. Zephirin, ). Zephering, ). Jea 

Peirre - Advisor. 

The main purpose of the African 
American Club is to spread i 
awareness about African- 
American, African and Caribbeai 
cultures. We hope that through' 
this awareness that the student, 
body will have a better i 
understanding and appreciation- 
of black culture. 


V *4M 



,ng. K. Uong, \. Carg, Z. Gonzalez, T. Beato, A. Paul, S. Murphy, E. 
1 T. Mak, M. Angels, D. DeOssie, A. Sheehan, S. Yoffe, ]. Pelini, B. 
ess, A. Wong, S. Au, A. Pelley, ). Blueren, N. Leroux-Lindsey, A. Buts, ). 
Madden, T. Mao, D. Lambert, J. Goldberg, A. Patel, S. Chaung, K. 
Wong, T. Desai, A. Chaneco, E. O'Malley. 

"A letter written = A life saved." This 

was Amnesty International's theme for 

the school year of 1999 - 2000. This 

phrase encompasses the goals of Al, 

which is to help those who are 

wrongfully punished and to rally against 

tyranny and oppression. Amnesty gives 

liberty and justice to people silenced by 

despotic governments. The club 

contributes numerous letters and 

petitions to Amnesty International USA, 

which are sent to government officials, 

generals, presidents, etc. We give those 

who have been muted a voice, so that 

they may speak up and be heard. 

Amnesty International has grown into an 

ablished club here at Randolph High 

School Because of increasing 

membership this year. We stand as the 

most cosmopolitan organization at RHS 

i'Ii our coverage of international issues 

and affairs. 


Top: R. Abido, D. Mclver, M. Kim, P. Nguyen, C. MacAdams 
Front: D. LaCivita, N. Garg, D. Slapak, D. Patel, ). Kolikot. 

A.R.T. (Aesthetic Restoration Team) is 

a group of students who meet in Ms. 
Ellis' room every Friday to paint. 
Their purpose is to create murals 

inwhich all who see them can get joy 

from. A.R.T. has a few amazingly 

talented artists who spend weeks 

planning and designing a mural. It 

also has a group of volunteers who, 

not only help with the production of 
the paintings, but they learn skills 
revolving around the planning and 
painting stages. This group hopes 

that they can make 1 this sc hool a little 

brighter, and can < reate a pleasant 
atmosphere for learning. 




Back- Ms. Dandeneau, L. Hawkins, E. Rizo, R. Robinson, P. Truong, 

L. Chastman, E. Adhanon, A. )ohns, 2nd Row- A. King, J. Harris, P. 

Daley, 3rd Row- S. Deome, M. Messina, J. Fernandez, Front- C. 

Cheung, C. Chen, B. Nguyen, R. Cattel 

(Seniors) Back- S. Murphy, C. Sproules, S. Hunter, M. Levine, R. 
Robinson, E. Burke, Middle- J. Lebrocquy, D. Brenner, J. Brodil, R. 
Singh, M. Peterson, D. Slapak, Front- C. Laut, J. Campbell, ). Harris 

Mrs. Dandeneau meets this 

100 member choir in three 

different periods throughout 

each day. Seven of its 

members were selected for 

the District Chorus with five of 

them receiving All State 

recommendations. They 

rehearse in the audiitorium 

and their outstanding voices 

can be heard throughout the 

building. Their vocal music 

rewading skills have really 

been sharpened by Ms. 

Dandeneau's music theory 

work sheets and 

quizzes. ..Bravo! 

Grades 10 through 12 meet 

every day during period 5 with 

Mr. Berry. As our middle school 

and freshman bands grow, so 

does this ensemble. This year the 

band has 65 members with 22 ot 

them being seniors. The 

ensembleis very well balanced in 

insrtmentationand three of its 

members qualified for the 

District Concert Festival and 

were recommended for the All 

State Festival. They will be 
participating in the South Shore 
Concert Band Festival. Last year 
they received a Silver Medal in 
that prestigious areana and will 
be shooting of Gold this year. 



Show Choir 

Back- L. Cooks, K. Wong, D. Brenner, C. Laut, P. Nguyen, 

Middle- A. King, A. Cornett, D. Slapak, L. Nwachukwu, S. Hal 

Front- A. Fellman, V. Flucas, R. Robinson, A. Johns 

Mr. Goldman has selected this group of 20 singers 

based on their paces with music and dance from "The 

Jackson 5," "Crease" and swing music, and has written 

and arranged music for this year's show, "Footloose." 

Thev are planning on continuing their Gold Medal quest 

at the Waltham Show Choir Festival and travelling with 

the Jazz Band to the Festivals of Music in Orlando this 

spring'. Individual singers are always featured in solo 

spots as well as high energy up tempo singing and 

choreography make this an athletic and musically 

challenging group to be selected for. Their big 

performance is always the SRO "Pops" Concert in May. 

Marching Band 

Back- A. Fellman, J. Madden, E. Chalfin, N. Wan, ). Connors, C. Daly, J. 

Edwards, K. Kung, C. DeSouza, M. Wan, C. Audoung, D. Ruth Front - J 

Harris, E. Coury, J. Campbell, A. Williams, A. Banks 

ou play a band instrument? Do you want to get in free 
to football games? Do you want to exemplify school spirit? 
Do you want to march in step? Do you want to play fun 
musit '. Do you have an afternoon and an evening free 

. week from September to November? Do you want to 
meet people who will answer "yes" to these questions? 
ome of the questions that have to be answered 
th a "yes" in order to be a member of the the RHS 
Man hing Band. They were even invited to play .it the 

Grand Opening ol the Mc Donald's 

'ur.irit ... ( ool!....yes, one more question ...Do you mind 

playing musk outdoors in various degrees ot New I ngland 


Jazz Band 

Back- M. Levine, M. Morrell, R. Robinson, ). Tarr, Middle- E. Chalfin, 

M. Peterson, J. Hall, V. Hunter, Front- J. Connors, C. Laut, E. Burke, 

M. Wan Not Pictured- S. Klotz, O. Degany, A. Butz, V. Nguyen, D. 

Ardizzonni, D. Mofford, J. Harris, A. Banks 

This prestigious select Gold Medal group is auditioned 
by their director, Ms. Pimentel in November and then 
meets after school two times a week to prepare for a 

busy competition season which begins just before 

February vacation. From Blues, Latin and Swing music, 

the students are challengened with very difficult 

arrangements. Student leaders are given the 

responsibility of rehearsing the brass, sax and rhythm 

sections before they meet as an ensemble. Trips to the 

University of New Hampshire Music Festival, the 
Berklee College Jazz Festival and the Festivals of Music 

in Orlando are planned as well as local competitions 

will keep this group busy through May. Fund raising for 

these trips has ranged from playing gigs to dance-a- 

thons and citrus drives.... anyone want to rent a 

musician? Their big local perfromance is the SRO 

"Pops" Concert in May. 


Student Council 

R. Abido, S. Banjeree, ). Brodil, S. Chaung, A. Coffman, C. Cornish, F. D' Andrea, S. Hunter, ). Lewis, J. Malcolm, T. Maple, M. Morrell, D. Letzring, H. MacGregor, C 

Murphy, E. O'Malley, R. Trull, M. Waiting, K. Wong, W. Witmer, A. Butz, J. Canter, C. Duffy, K. Dugan, D. Felix, A. Fellrnan, A. King, A. Lapon, B. Lee, T. Mazzucco, D 

Mclver, N. Okereke, R. Rosen, P. Sullivan, M. Tang, J. Tran, H. Whynot, H. Alman, L. Brodil, G. Cabello, M. Coffman, R. Glaskin, J. Hall, K. Le, R. Mak, E. Morrell, A 

Sheehan, S. Singer, M. Wass, R. Yoffe 

The Student Council is a student 

government organization. The members of 

the council are elected by popular vote. In 

addition to those elected by popular vote, 

there are members who are appointed to 

the council because of their leadership 

qualities. Finally, there are ex-officio 

members such as the class presidents, 

representatives of the school committee, 

representatives of the Massachusetts 

advisory board, and regional and state 


The function of the student council is to 
represent the student body, and to promote 
spirit and community service. The members 
of the student council are as close as family, 
and they learn valuable leadership skills from 
each other, that will be useful to them in the 


Student Council 
Executive Board 

Back - S. Hunter, S. Hall, R. Rosen, E. O'Malley, T. Maple, D. Mclver 
Front - S. Chaung, A. Coffman, D. Letzring, K. Dugan, F. D'Andrea, E. Morrell 


Senior Class 

J Bordil, D. Quach, C. Burke, V. Leung 

Junior Class 

D. )ar, E. Chaltin, Mr. Kaplan, P. Pang, H. MacGregor 

Sophomore Class * 

\> Felix, ) ( antei B Lee, Mi Primma 



V ' ^^B ^^^^H 


^^L. ' ^t^r ^W 

■ jl^L ^b^^l f ff^jX Jrj' 

- ^ 


- * vi 

[I t^- 

Club I. Behari, C. Debordes-Jackson, N. Carg, P. Nguyen, A. Patel, N. Hui, Front- 
D. Mclver, D. Slapak, J. Moreira, D. Patel, C. McAdams, E. Leung 

The Randolph High School 

Environmental Club works toward 

promoting awareness of current 

environmental issues to the school 

and community. Our goal is to 

improve our local and global 

environment. As a united group 

we will discourage all pollution 

and we will try to promote a 

further understanding of the 

importance of the environment. 

We will encourage respect 

towards nature and the 

conservation of natural resources. 

We acknowledge the possible 

consequences of a world without 

environmental concern and we 

fight to accomplish the difficult 

goal of informing an often 

indifferent society about the 



Back: D. Xu, K. Le, E. Hui, E. Askeland, D. Felix, ). Knights 

Middle: ). Moreira, D. Mclver, ). Chan 

Front: A. Pelley 

The Gay/Straight Alliance strives to 
celebrate diversity, to defuse 
homophobia and to break down 
the walls of intolerance and 
prejudice by educating the 
students of Randolph High School 
on gay, lesbian and bisexual issues 
Although membership is strictly 
confidential, over the years, the 
GSA has increased its visibility to 
the school. The GSA meets once a 
week and welcomes students of 

any sexual orientation: gay, 
lesbian, bisexual, or heterosexual, 


Computer & 
Robotics Club 


| E \skeland, I. Behari, N. Carg, T. Huynh, G. Laureta, J. Lay, B. 
ig |. Liang. T. Nigo, P. Nguyen, P. Pang, A. Paul, T. Tom, A. Tong, 
D. Sharma 

The computer and robotics club is 
available to any student at Randolph 
High School to learn how to optimize 

their computer skills for school 
projects and life skills. We currently 

have 25 eager members willing to 
teach and learn the latest technology. 
The computer section of the club will 

work on many different aspects of 
the computer world i.e. web pages, 
programming and literally the ins and 

outs on the internet. The robotics 

section will work on building parts 
from old and new chips. 

Chess Club 

). Morns, ). Campbell, S. Ferretti, ). Tuite 

The Chess Club is a very 

important club. This club 

welcomes everyone. Every 

Wednesday we get together to 

try and play a good game of 

chess. The rules remain the 

same, but the game is never the 

same. Strategies must always 

change to adjust to the situation 

and the player. 


Peer Leadership 

Theatre Guild 

Peer Leadership is a program which brings 
older high school students (Peer Leaders) 
together with younger students. The goal 
of the program is to help younger students 
learn effective decision-making skills by 
introducing them to High School Peer 
Leaders who can model positive behaviors, 
listen impatially, and share their experience 
in a helpful way. This program consists of 
three days of training in communication 
skills, values clarification, exploration of the 
influences and pressures of today's 
teenagers, decision-making skills, and 
group activities that highlight adolescent 
issues. Following this training, the Peer 
Leaders will conduct two or three sessions 
with the younger students. Students are 
chosen for Peer Leadership training by 
recommendations from teachers, 
counselors, administraters, parents, peers, 
and self evaluation. It is essential that these 
students exhibit positive behavior both in 
and out of school, plus good decision- 
making around issues of school-work, 
drinking/drungs, sexuality, and overall 

S. Yoffe, H. MacGregor, R. Singh, T. Maple 

The Randolph Theatre Guild is 

more than a Drama Club, it is a 

way of life. Its members spend 

countless hours at rehearsals, 

theatre exercises and fundraisers 

all to make a "dramatic moment/' 

All along, it was never about the 

play, but of the meaning and the 

audience's reaction to the players. 

Each member gave more than 

1 1 0% to see a show go off just 

right. Some perferormances were 

toured around elementary schools, 

while others were presented to the 

high school during the day. Most 

important were the mainstage 

productions, where the house was 

treated to a Broadway — worthy 


Back-). Cambell, F. Kwok, E. Tang, J. Joyce , C. Spears, D. Mclve 
Front-D.SIapak, ). Madden, C. Cornish, J. Connors, J. Prag, T. Starr< 

E. Askeland, D. Pate! 


Student Alliance Against 
Racism & Violence 

The Student Alliance Against Racism and Violence was created in the 90's 
n order to increase student awareness of the evils of discrimination and to 

inspire them to combat violence wherever they encounter it. Since then 

the organization has grown steadily and has been recognized by the 

Norfolk county District Attorney's Office and the Anti-Defamation League 

for its efforts. In 1999, The Alliance was awarded at the Team Harmony VI 

event held at the Fleet Center for the success of "A World of Difference 

Week" held at RHS in the spring. The Alliance has continued to reach out 

to the communities of Randolph and Canton this fall at the Temple Beth 

David. In light of the many tragic events in our nation over the past two 
years, the Alliance plans to increase its efforts to reach out to more of the 

student body and community. 

Abido, A. Banks, L. Baranick, M. Bassila, I. Behari, A. Butz, B. Capeless, C. Chan, S. Chaung, C. Chen, P. Cheng, C. Cheung, H. Chu, ). Churchill, J. Connors, C. Cornish, 
D. Ciftyl, S. Deome, D. DeOssie, T. Desai, C. Elie, L. Erickson, E. Fabien, A. Fellman, N. Carj, M. Gladstone, Z. Gonzalez, T. Greaves, M. Kim, L Lai, B. Lee, K. Lee, E. 
Leung, C. Loo, J. Madden, R. Mak, W. Mak, M. Morrell, S. Murphy, H. Nguyen, N, Okereke, E. O'Malley, A. Patel, A. Paul, A. Paul, N. Ramsey, D. Ratea, G. Rateau, A. 
)binson, R. Rosen, A. Tarn, S. Tan, M. Tang, M. Tanger, T. Teshome, J. Tran, E. Wilczynski, A. Williams, J. Wong, K. Wong, J. Wong, D. Xu, S. Yoffe, D. Collins, E. Leung, 

K. Dugan, E. Morrell, K. Wang 


Math Team 

Each school year from October 

through April, 20 to 30 members 

of the RHS Math Team compete in 

the 24 school Southeastern Mass 

Math League, one of the eight 
leagues in Massachusetts. During 

the last 7 years Randolph has 

placed no lower than 5th in this 

league, twice claiming the league 

championship. In addition to 

qualifying for the state tournament 

for 8 consecutive years, Randolph 

has three times advanced to the 

New England competition, 

finishing 2nd in 1997 in the 

Medium School Division. 

Back Row: D, )ar, S. Au, F. Chen, C. Wong, Middle Row: Ms. DiMascio, S. 

Cadigan, S. Morris, M. Powell, ). Ai Tan, P. Nguyen, C. Cornish, T. Tom, I. 

Behari, F. Lam, A. Tong, E. Chalfin, Mr. Turner, Front Row: M. Peterson, M. Kim, 

B. Poon, N. Garg, M. Levine, E. Tang, J. Prag, D. Felix 


RHTV is Randolph High School'? 

personal tv-program. Used to 

update students and faculty 

about school news, club |] 

announcements and also to lead 

homerooms into "The Pledge of 

Allegiance/' RHTV is an 
important broadcast to the high-; 
schoolers. The students involvec* 
earn better public speaking skill! 
and become talented in the use 
of audio and video production 

Back Row: A. Fellman, D. Mclver, M. Gladstone, Front Row: H. MacGregor, D 
LaCivita, D. Slapak, D. Patel, ). Kolikof, K. Ho 


Teachers Club 

Blue & White 

Randolph High School's 

newspaper, The Blue and White 

Banner is the product of hours of 

work from a willing and diligent 

staff under the direction and 

leadership of Mr. Primmer and Mr. 

Deady. For the members the BWB 

is a chance to learn how to layout 

a papern how the business aspect 

is handled or the proper format for 

newswriting and how to peer edit. 

The result of all this work is a 

creative, interesting and 

informative paper for all RHS 

students to share. 

VI. Powell, J. Connors, J. Madden, P. Pang, T. Tom, A. 
Lam, Mr. Deady, Mr. Primmer, Front Row: C. Loo, L. Kahan, B. Poon, 
C. Cornish, C. Chen, I. Wong 

The Tomorrow's Teachers Club 
works together to share ideas on 
teaching and education. This new 
club at RHS has been working to 

invite guest speakers, discuss 

important issues in education and 

to set up in-school surveys inquiring 

into the minds of the students. This 

club has also helped out with the 

tutoring program, a school 

sponsored project used to help 

students who have had trouble with 

their schoolwork. The Tomorrow's 

Teachers Club works hard to 

promote the education of the 


D. Mclver, S. Rafuse 


Students Against 
Drunk Driving 

Students Against Drunk Driving is a club 

to show the dangers in drunk driving, to 

all of Randolph High School, as well as 

others. We try to encourage students 

not to drink and drive and even not to 

get into a car with a driver who has 
been drinking. There are many activities 
to make this club interesting and eager 

to join. Such activities include, The 

Contract of Life, which is a pledge that 

each member will not enter a car with a 

drunk driver or drive drunk. Each 

member signs this contract and agrees 

not to drink and drive. Other annual 

activities include Grim Reaper Day and 

Operation Prom Night. These are 
activities in which members can pretend 

to be victims of a drunk driving 

accident. This shows how important it is 

not to drink and drive, and it also gets 

peers to rally catch the idea this is a 

serious problem. 

Back Row: A. Patel, S. Hunter, S. Murphy, Third Row: K. LeFleur, ). Hall, F. 
Teshome, E. Fabien, T. Starrett, S. Hall, N. Garg, D. Felix, D. Mclver, K. Dugan, 

P. Chang, K. Wong, T. Desai, E. Leung, Second Row: S. Pockell, A. Pelley, |. 

Moreira, E. Tang, E. Askeland, R. Mak, Front Row: Z. Gonzalez, H. MacGregor, 

R. Abido, A. Paul, D. Patel, S. Yoffe, S. Tan 

A Cappella Choir 

This very talented class meets period 

three every day for the first semester. It: 

members have to pass a prerequisite 

singing and theory test in order to be 

accepted for the class. Five of its 

members were accepted to the District 

Festival with three of them receiving Al 

state recommendations. Their 

perfromances have been as 

spontaneous as strolling through the 

school period 3 singing holiday songs a 

well as standing ovations at the Winter 

Concert and even outside Shaw's 

Supermarket during the Music Booster 

Fund Raiser. They are hoping to cut a 

CD before the school year is over. 

C. Cornish, L. Posner, P. Nguyen, R. Robinson, V. Kavanaugh, K. Wong, A. 
Johns, E. O'Malley S. Hall 


national Honor Society 

Back Row: Ms. DiMascio, E. Chalfin, M. Waiting, D. LaCivita, A. Patel, F. D'Andrea, R. Trull, S. Banerjee, S. Chaung, Middle Row: M. Kim, C. Cornish, A. Paul 
Moreira, H. MacGregor, Front Row: M. Peterson, M. Gladstone, M. Levine, J. Prag, D. Slapak, J. Kolikof, V. Leung 

The NHS is an organization whose members display the traits of 

Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Character. Each month our 

chapter organizes a service project with the intent of helping our 

community. Our projects for this year include: The Rodman Ride for 

Kids, Meadowbrook Halloween Party, Martin E. Young School 

Halloween Party, The Randolph PRIDE Auction, Matchmaker 

Charity Fundraiser, and the Channel Two Auction. This year we are 

pleased to welcome Mr. Donald Nelson as our Induction keynote 

speaker. Our chapter has enjoyed success 1 ; we won the 

Commended Chapter Award for the second time in a row last year. 

We are committed to furthering our excellence. 



Back- J. Prag, J. Israel, D. LaCivita, R. Singh, A. Patel, D. Mclver, Front- D. Slapak, D. Patel, T. Maple, V. 

Leung, A. Paul, C. Cornish 

C. Burke, Business Advisor: Mr. Kaplan, S. Klotz 

Literary Advisor: Ms. Ellis 



9 c MMl c KememAe* 

/ W 


Ol' Davs 

America's future 

I'm gonna be a running back someday. 

When we 

i >', >,ou feel lu< ky punk? 

Bill) \-i i on tt \ 

l.iti.ui.i I H IN I |>KOP /INMV 

( d c Wiil c Kemem^ 

Hey, you're supposed to be 


Wow, it went over! 


Hey, that's not your game face! 

This is the face of determination 

Co Bandele, Go! 

Sophomore Year 

< Jh great, anothei < amera 



.Are .we 

Dead Weights? What's that? 
Well, we all know that Teens 
need an average of 9 1/4 
hours of sleep. How many of 
us have had that each night? 
Yeah, we wish. So we took 
our best naps during class. 

Here are Seniors catching 

some good shut-eye. 

SURPRISE! (Bet you 

didn't think you 

were gonna get 

caught.) Hope 

you had a 




t one. 


w here are you lookup niils? 1 

7£ We are here to take your daughters to the prom. 

Neener Neener Neener! 

Vicki says, "Go Devils!' 

C|0© J 



Yay me! 


Kl IS'! I Ik i Mil ( . .hi >i. 

IViii i li.ih\ 


Helllooo Ladies!! 

ustin and the Nerdettes 

I iflp me i'l<' • >■ e 

9 ' c WM c nememA e >i, 



I'm going to win! 

The boys are off and away 

S. Hunter, M. Waiting, W. Witmer, D. Monteiro, A. Geary, K. O'Connor, B. Lee, R. Trull, S. Morris, C. 

DiBenedetto, ). Singleton 

Is there a car behind me? 



Coach said, "Always stretch or you'll get hurt." 


David Monteiro, Kevin O'Connor, Danielle Slapak & Steve Hunte 


Boys & Girls 

XC Schedule 

gir 1 s' 

Swimming & Diving 

Back: J. Butz, R. Levine, C. Donovan, H. Whynot, C. Duffy - Middle: L. Holmes, M. Holmes, K. Hedlund-Croden, J. Tarr, K. Dever, B. 

Poon, A. Coffman, K. Wong, M. Ha, D. Ha 
Front: J. Jackson, J. Greene, M. Coffman, K. Marshall, ). Young, C. McSweeny, ). Coffman, H. Alman, C. Murphy 

9/23 St. Peter Marian 
9/30 @ North Quincy 
10/7 @ Quincy 
10/12 Marshfield 
10/14 @ Duxbury 
10/21 @ Middleboro 
11/4 Conference Diving 
1 1/5 Conference 

Diem, why are you getting out? 

Swim. ..FASTER! 

Senior Captains: 
Bonnie Poon, Coach MacKinnon, Annie Coftm. 

Lady Devils in their pre-meet warm-up 




f 1 



Getting ready tor action 

'm really strong! 

Get him! 

12/15 Scituate 

12/18 @ Wakefield Tournament 
12/22 @ Whitman-Hanson 
12/28 @ Lowell Tournament 
2/29 @ Lowell Tournament 
2/31 @ Brockton/Brookline/Rocklan 
1/5 (a, Hingham 

5) Silver Lake/Norwood 
/12 Duxbury 

/18 Middleboro 

1 Milton Tournament 
§ Marshfield 
1/28 @ Scituate/Norwell 

.."Somerset/New Bedford/KP 
2/1 1 South Sectionals 
2/12 South Sectionals 

Back: Coach Cordeiro,R. Slayman, M. O'Meara, W. Cerl, S. O'Connor, C. Shirkey, C. Popsie, K. Donovan, Coach Sullivan 
Front: M. Caso, O. Degani, ). Leung, D. Turransky, M. Tang, T. Feigel, D. Field, D. Popsie 

This is ( onity ... 

I ( .in do it! 



Matt and Ernst tight tor a loose ball 

Singer makes another save 


Devils Soccer Record 

W 6-1 Quincy 

W 5-2 Scituate 

T 1-1 Cohasset 

W 3-1 Hingham 

L 1-0 Middleboro 

W 8-3 Rockland 

W 4-0 East Bridgewater 

W 2-0 Whitman Hanson 

T 0-0 Scituate 

L 6-1 Hingham 

W 2-1 Mashpee 

L 3-1 Middleboro 

W 3-2 Quincy 

W 2-1 Rockland 

W 7-1 Mashpee 

L 3-0 Cohasset 

W 2-1 Whitman Hanson 

W 4-0 East Bridgewater 


L 3-2 (SO) Diman Vocational 

This year was Randolph Boys Soccer best season. We went 12-4-2 
and hosted Randolph's first tournament soccer game. It was also the 
first year we defeated Whitman-Hanson, twice. Chris Burke set a new 
school record with 19 goals and made the Brockton Enterprise All 
Scholastic Team. Danny Ng also made that team as well as the Patriot 
Ledger All Scholastic Team. Both Chris and Danny made the Eastern 
Mass. All Star Team. This was the first year Randolph had four Patriot 
League All Stars - Rob Lurie, Ernst Cadet, Danny Ng, and Chris Burke. 

"op - E. Cadet, M. Levine, M. Salemme, J. Israel, P. Niedzwiecki, |. Singer, C. Burke, 

J. Barkley, M. Peterson, R. Lurie, D. Patel (mgr.), Coach Weiand. Bottom - ). 

Augustine, M. Collins, K. Dugan, D. Ng, D. Letzring, C. Gervino 


Danny's on another breaka< 

Pete dribbles through traffic 


op Mike I cvinc, Petei Nie<|/wie( ki, ( hns Burke, jon Singer, Jon B.iikley, 

Rob I Hue, I )ipali Patel (managei I 
I rout I rnsl ( adet, M.itt Salemme, jett Israel, Matt Peterson 

Dust shows oil his tootwoik 

( aptains Peter Niedzwie< ki i oa< li 
Weiand, I ).mn\ N^, |on Singei 


At 7-9-2, the Lady Blue Devils had their best season 
ever! They united as a team and competed in every 

game as a whole. Led by only two seniors, Mario 
Bryant and Eve Meglio, they were undefeated in non- 
league play and were only one win away from 
entering the state tournament. Congratulations to the 
three players who were chosen to represent RHS in 
the 1999 all-star game: Eve Meglio, Kerri Rogers and 

Julia McLean. 

girls ' 

Mario dribbles by a defender 

The\ Devils Warm-up 

Huddle Up 

Colleen takes it uptield 

goal ki( k 


W 23-21 Quincy 

L 33-21 Plymouth North 

L 34-8 Stoughton 

L 27-12 Scituate 

W 32-14 Hingham 

L 26-14 Mashpee 

L 21-0 East Bridgewater 

W 29-15 Canton 

W 56-30 Middleboro 

L 26-0 Rockland 

Thanksgiving Day 

■ in 


ustin Marceline 

Dat Quach 

Briton Keel 

Reggie Guillaurru 

k: Coach Branch, ( D.nh Perkins, A. Ha/el, K. Guillaume, I. Marcelme. E. Adhanom, P. BeatO, C Alcide, 
A. Lapon, P. Beauvil, P. Hubacheck, M. Christian, Coach Evans, Coach Kelliher - Middle: D. Quach, C. 
Popsie, S. Zephir, S. Roberts, M. Depina, P. Guiteau, P. C.agnon, B. Keel, S. O'Connor - Front: M. George, 
M. Rodman, D. Coleman, C. Doherty, D. Serrano, P. Sullivan, B. Clark, 

Brit breaks a tackle 

Raymond, M. O'Brien 


I l.i/cl lum around! 

illici ku k h\ \ clnic o ^ 

loi ( MIX JWN!! 

**" ..&«;= 

5ack: J. Kelly, A. Martin, L. Vara, A. DaCamara, J. Lebrocquy, ). Malcolm, T. Maple, R. Lampert, ). Danie 
Front: A. Khaw, K. Williams, R. Warren, H. MacCregor, Y. Engerman 

Please don't drop me, please don't drop me 


YEAH Devils! 

Back: K. Wong, V. Flucas, D. O'Connell, I . Kell> K. Greene 
Front: C. Benjamin, N. Zaiter, S. Hall, N. Hunt. |. Gordan 



Malcolm - stay tight! 

Basketball Captains: Jen Pelini, Lindsey Vara 

Jack: S. Hall, J. Kelly, R. Lampert, T. Johnson, K. Wong, L. Brodil, M. Pratt 
Front: H. MacGregor, L. Vara, J. Pelini, N. Zaiter, L. Holt 

Back: E. Rodman, M. Keady, M. Pasquantonio, K. Marshall 
Front: K. Greene, L. Kelly, ). Gordan 


? l 


I ootball ( aptains: Amanda da( amara, |anel I ebroi qu\ len M.iU olm ^^ ^» *-** 

YHI it . HUH loud.-, now! 


< )oli ( nil 

Back: Coach Serrano, ). Chan, A. Watts, A. Khaw, C. Daly, ). Harris, J. Kelly, Coach Marceline, |. Lebrocquy, ). Lemieux, Coach Keel, A. Coffman, ). Brodil, D. Slapak 
Coach Toussaint, Coach Quach - Middle: D. Patel, J. Malcolm, C. Strazzulla, E. Meglio, T. Maple, D. Ciardi, J. Moreira, ). Innocent, J. Warren - Front: A. Baga. V. Villa 

E. Healy, N. Willette, A. Pelley 

November of 1998 came and the Junior Powder 

Puff team-was ready to play. After numerous 

practices, with Serrano taking off his clothes when 

it was 20 degrees out, we were ready for action. 

The senior girls really thought they'd win and they 

tried to intimidate us, but it didn't work! The Class 

of 2000 PP team came out on top after a Carey 

Strazzulla touchdown. With an ending score of 8-0 

the juniors had won for only the second time in 

school history. November 1999 came faster than 

we thought it would and the troups were ready to 

play again. The day came and it rained and rained 

and rained. The rets left but we opted to play 

anyway. I'm glad we did, becuase we were 

victorious 12-0 over the juniors. The end was a 

mudbowl and I don't think anyone there left 

without mud on his or her body. It was gross, but 

an experience of a lifetime and a memory none of 

us will ever forget. The Class of 2000 will go down 

in RHS history as the second Powder Puff team 

ever to end up 2-0. Congratulations girls. 

Jenny Male runnin' tho ha 

TOUCHDOWN Juniors!! 


with coaches Justin & Serrano 


Back: J. Maleoli Kl M i Daly, Coach Quach, Coach SUnton -Row 2 <. daCamara D 

• Warren D I iardi I Kell) I Lewis \ Leung D. Slapak I Harris-Row I I Hear, 
J Lebrocquy,! Meglio, J. Warren i Maple ( Strazzulla R. Kourafas |. Brodil Coach Serrano 














12-17 North Quincy 

12-23 (5) North Quincy 

12-27, 28 Carver 


1-5 East Bridgewater 

-7 @ Whitman Hanson 

1-11 @ Scituate 

1-14 Hingham 

1-18(5) Middleboro 

1-21 Rockland 




One song can spark a moment, 

One flower can wake the dream. 

One tree can start a forest, 

One bird can herald spring. 

One smile begins a friendship, 

One handclasp lifts a soul. 

One star can guide a ship at sea, 

One word can frame the goal. 

One vote can change a nation, 

One sunbeam lights a room. 
One candle wipes out darkness, 
One laugh will conquer gloom. 

One step must start each journey, 

One word must start each prayer. 

One hope will raise our spirits, 

One touch can show you care. 

One voice can speak with wisdom, 

One heart can know what's true. 

One life can make the difference, 

You see, IT'S UP TO YOU! 


# # # 

Senior Year 

# # # 



Do vou want a drink too? 

^m ^^H ^^B TL fc '5 l^m^m .^B 

Br 1 lB -;- J 

WW* a. ■ * B ^^M 

Seth - are you having a good time? 


gW ?0u6e& t* tie &e*4& o£ 2000 

*tyocvi friiencU at tie 1£aad<dfi/L ^aCcce rfwact&Uoa 

Ravi - "I QUIT!" Dave - "Everything's Fine!" Tracy - "Guys - don't worry, I'll finish the yearbook!" 

Owl RigR scHood, days oit coining to qk end and as I sit Reie w/Ltting iRis, I wonck wRen I wi2£ see oil ojj- you again 

£a($ person in fie. cilass ojy tRe new Memm Rqs touched Q<US in one way o/i anoflei. S^e toe gtown up togefJW 

and we wid£ (jO/ietfa RcM tRe wewo/ues in ou/l ReO/Lts. Sv/e. Ratte sRa/Led a(!£ tRe phases ojj- growing up in fie eigRtieS Owd 

nineties. Sv/e toe <A dcmged k ou/l own ways abng tRe /toad and we wi6£ Continue to do so in tRe (jUtune. Stay in 

toucR wrtR ljou/l yuends - tRey a/Le ljou/l Connection to PandodpR <&igR S&ool - Keep flat kage aditte. 

r woudd fe to tRanfe all ojj ljou {jO/l giaing we fie opportunity to seAUe as an edito/L ojj- ifos yea/ibooie. ^}oi tReAe may 

be a {jew eiao/LS, we toe fiied owl todest to wake flis Oiaok, tRe jjiASt ojy fie mlkwiim, tRe best it Cou&d be. I wouW 

adso to to take tRis opportunity to tRank Ms. £Mi$> {jO/l kx guidance and Relp abng fie way. Sv/rtRout kx we \uaid 

not Rare a yea/Lboofe. 

yis we get Ready to dace up ou/l own sRoes and step into tRe Kedl mild I wisR you aM tRe "Best ojj Lucie in tRe {jUtu/ie 

- r know you uM be success^! TRanle you again. 


SinCeAeCy, Tracy Jl/lapb - Sports Editor 


Well Wishes 

Congratulations Annie! We love you! Love, Mom, Dad, Jobeth & Megan! 

To the Class of 2000: Best wishes for future success! -Mrs. Tantillo 

Our best wishes to the Class of 2000. Enid & Ed Maple 

To Justin: You are lucky. I wish I was graduating with you. Good luck, Josh. 

Justin K.: Find the things in your life that mean the most to you and go after them with all th< 
passion and confidence you possess. We are very proud of you. Love, Mom & Dad. 

To our nephew Justin, This world is a much better place with your charm, intelligence, and golde 
personality shining through for everyone to see. We are very proud of you. Love, Aunt Marcia £ 
Uncle Mark 

To our grandson Justy: We would like say we're very proud of you. May your future wishes b 
granted as ours have been in the past by having you for our Grandson. Love, Nana & Papa 

To our nephew Justin, We're proud of all you have achieved and the great person you hav 
become. Love, Aunt Sue, Uncle Barry, Isaac & Rachel 

Class of 2000 remember: "Math there's nothing Tuite" - Mr. Tuite i 

To Tracy Maple: Congratulations, Love Gary. 

Class: Thanks for allowing me to serve as your president for 3 years. Thanks for believing in me. 
Matt Morrell 

To JW, EH, JM, DC, & CS: We've had fun 4 years together including Cancun, MV, Varsit 
Softball, CWC nights and many more. I'll never forget you guys. Love Always, Eve. 

Eve: May graduation be the start of a wonderful life filled with happiness. You are loved. -Mom 

To Amanda, Shoner, Jenny Male, Janet, DQ, Chris, Shaina, & Heather: Thanx for making HS s< 
fun. Congratulations and Good Luck in the future. I'll miss you and I love you! Love Always, Trac 
Maple (Mapes) 

To Seth & His Classmates, I want you to hear - that the Class of 2000 is a wonderful year. Th 
future awaits you and holds all so dear - Much "luck" and success for everyone to share. "Gooc 
Luck" Love, Mom, Dad, Nane, Al, Matt & Duke 



gbiM, o£ 200? 

ijroocl JL/uick 1 racy! 
We love you and. we are very 
pronicl oi the person you have 


JUiiiVo Am 

mia an 



^eep the spirit. Good 

luck always. 

Love, Amma and 


Congratulations Christopher! 
You' (i find tftat tftere are. few tilings 
you can count on in fife... You can 

always count on us. 
Love- St Best Wishes, Cathy, D., St 



Fkfejie so p/ioud o(j you. 

Good luck 

Class of 2000! 


Tshe Swim £>eam 


Best wishes to 

the Class of 2000 

— RHS Student 


To Tracy Maple: 

Wishes for health 

and happiness always. 

Love, Dad 


I pfiiR 

The Friends of the Turner Free Library 

congratulates the graduating Class of 

2000 & thank those student who 

volunteer at the Library. 

David C. Kahan 


29-33 Memorial Parkway 
Randolph, MA 02368 
781.961 9650 
Fax 781 961.9646 


A Division of Tandy Corporation 

<v • 

Congratulation to 

Amanda daCamara, 

r Janet Lebrocquy and 

Danielle Slapak 

CLASS OF 2000 


"En Qointe (Dance Academy 


Complete Auto Service 
Used Car Sales 
Inspection Station 5957 

200 Washington Street No. Easton, MA 02356 (508) 238-7578 




Success to You \t\ the Nev 

(508) 588-6324 
FAX: (508^ 580-6459 l^y^ ^\OWl. Odd & ScOtt 


Rick MacRae 

Store Manager 

Shaw's Supermarkets, Inc. 
121 Memorial Parkway 
Randolph, MA 02368 
Telephone (781) 963-6995 




1151 NO. MAIN ST. 



Congratulations Graduates! 

The sky's the limit ! 

Congratulations Candice & 
the Class of 20001 

From the Cornish Family 

Driver's Ed. 

Road Test 

Randolph Driving School 

Fran Canto 

Good £uck Class of 2000! 

Private Lessons 

10 Diauto Drive 
Randolph, MA 


Sales and Service 

Commercial-Residential Interiors 

Specializing in Health Care 

296 North Street Randolph, MA 02368 
Tel. (781) 986-8000 Fax. (781) 986-8208 

to it CLASS o\j 2000 

(Gloss ojj- '85) 

VcMei M. Lck M/ . &U 6 Cfe 

Jovues ^}. ISkgess, J/i. 

cvJilfoow. Akxopouhs 

StepSW J. Toowity 

; Vol J. ComoKS, 2x£C. Se£ 
Lida M- Sp/ioute, Advm. yisst. 

Tracy Maple.. 


From our First "Mommy and Me" 

gymnastics class, to League, South Sectional 

and State Finals. .you Gave always been a 

CHAMPION in my eves... 



to you and the members of the Randolph 

High School 

CLASS OF 2000. 

Mav all vour wishes and dreams come true. 







[g 961-1185 

2000 Graduates! 

Best of Luck Class of 2000 from 

Arthur Lucas 



11 60 North Main St. 
Randolph, MA 02368 

Pager 617-560-0085 

"Where Elvis never leaves the building" 

Family Restaurant - Theme Pub 

Daily Lunch & Dinner Specials 
Take Out Availabe 

Great Atmosphere - Great Food 


1 160 N. Main Street, Randolph 

Open: Mon. - Sat. 1 1:30 am - Midnight 

Best Wishes to the Class of 2000 


:-? r-t r 


fyoob tuck and Hett mket to 

Tt&cy ty&ple aub the 

Cku of 1000 

(ttxe fiwt Cta& of the new liillleuiuui) 

ft&tiok Tool tupptu Co., ?KC. 
ftettuoob, %fi 01090 


Jacobs Precision 


(2orty*eitct£€iU<M<i t& t6e &&Z4& *£ 2000 


I P O 1M E R A> L. H 

e s I 


419 North Main St., Randolph 

"When service really mailers" 

from the 

Randolph Fire 






SuAmvui/ Jaxms/ udshes/ 

awv employees/ yumv the/ 

^fciass/ oh 2000 and/ tAew 

classmates/ the/ (test/ altucA/ 

in/ the/ lutuxe/. 

Sesuunq/ the/ ccwimunMu/ ap 



Playgroup Plus Preschool, Inc. 

120 North Main Street 

Randolph, Ma 02368 


Director: Dori Burke 

Congratulations Chris and Jill ! 

Randolph High School Class of 2000 


To the Class of 2000 

Congratulations Seniors! You have made it to the end. ..The end of your 
senior year, the end of a decade, the end of a century and the end of a 
nillenium. — some accomplishment. You are the beginning of a new era. 
vlany new changes and challenges are awaiting you. May you meet these 
'ith enthusiasm and determination so that you reach your goals and be on 
op. Remember the good, learn from the bad and know your future is not 
history so make it the most you can possibly make it. Success to you and 

best wishes for a healthy, happy, new career. 

Ms. Sharon M. Ellis 


1 «.v. ''^ 

^ |i « B ~T 1 i — ^> ; 


1. ' 

£*** '£%3Sg*> mi** -j 

* *••* 

«• ■"*-•' -' '• l^k* k *. v kt ' T r 

- #- * A ^*^i' ' J • 

i 5 TV- W .T « 

: am. 

* ••.. . - ■ •*• . •• II 













9 'wili/vZememA&i/ 

...No tiling to Fear... 

There's nothing to fear — you're as good as the best, 

As strong as the mightiest, too. 

You can win in every battle or test; 

For there's no one just like you. 

So nobody else, you see, 

Can do your work in as fine a way: 

You're the only you there'll be! 

So face the world, and all life is yours 

To conquer and love and live: 

And you'll find happiness that endures 

In just the measure you give; 

There's nothing too good for you to possess, 

Nor heights where you cannot go: 

Your power is more than belief or guess — 

It is something you have to know. 

There is nothing to fear — you can and you will. 

For you are the invincible you. 

Set your foot on the highest hill — 

There's nothing you cannot do. 

— Author Unknown